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Cool Girls Club at Sh!

Cool Girls Club at Sh! - Sh! Women's Store

The Cool Girls Club is a global network of inspiring women who have found their purpose and are living their dreams. Yes! There is a network for girls like that!

Chloé Bourjalliat, Founder, wanted to create an exclusive group for her coaching clients so they could keep in touch with other really cool girls and stay inspired and empowered. This idea quickly spread out to integrate other women from around the city who have one thing in common: they are either living their dreams or determined to do so!

There is so much competition between women trying to outperform one another! It's time women came together, shared their wisdom and empowered each other.

Take advantage of this opportunity, meet some truly awesome and soulful women who have found their purpose and are now living in alignment with their true desires in life.

The Evening

  • Meet & Greet
  • Discussion panel
  • Q&A
  • Networking and drinks

The panelists will be answering topics such as:

  • Is there a method for finding one's purpose?
  • Purpose: singular or plural?
  • Logistics: How to implement one's purpose and dreams in real life?
  • Challenges our speakers have faced while chasing their dreams and how they overcame them
  • How to deal with dream-poopers?
  • Dreams vs money: a love-hate relationship?


The Speakers

Cool Girls Club has selected 4 very inspiring women who HAVE found their purpose and ARE living their dreams.

Chloé Bourjalliat
Keynote speaker, women's mentor and Founder of Cool Girls Club will be leading the talk.

Ethel Tambudzai
Official Cool Girl & Co-Founder of SONAAAR, a network for the Pan-African diaspora - Probably the youngest CEO in the room!

Asa Baav
Official Cool Girl, sex and dating consultant & Founder of Tailor Matched - A corporate girl turned sexy matchmaker!

Wajeeha Amin
Official Cool Girl, hypnotherapist and relationship coach specialized in the Muslim community - an old soul trapped in a fairy godmother!

Milly Elvis
Official Cool Girl, passionate entrepreneur, Tech geek and founder of Box of Intimates - A globe-trotter with some serious luggage!

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