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Cafe V - Update for Guests

Cafe V - Update for Guests - Sh! Women's Store

Your support is vital in helping My Body Back Project continue its pioneering work, including smear test, STI, contraceptive care, and maternity clinics, as well as Café V sessions.

MBBP receives a very small amount of funding for the volume of women it works with. It is a very new organisation, with volunteers who offer time and love at its core. It is no surprise that currently the project is finding it very difficult to cope with the workload and little money to run services on.
One of the services available through the MBBP is Café V, workshops, run every six weeks,  offer a safe space for female survivors of sexual violence to talk about sex. There is no funding for this at all. So far, Café V, like all other services through MBBP, has been free of charge to the all women who attend the sessions.
Cafe VSh!, the very first female-focused erotic boutique not only in UK but also in Europe, continues to donate staff time and a venue for Café V sessions and refreshments free of charge in support of My Body Back Project.
Whilst we would ideally want Café V to remain free of charge, the admin costs associated with running My Body Back Project are fast racking up. When Founder Pavan Amara started the project, she had to personally fund start-up costs related to it, as well as extra admin associated costs. But, looking at the long term future of MBBP, we do not see this as a feasible option.
MBBP has visitors and service users from all over the world, and the website & its services are growing fast. Whilst we are happy to work around the needs of all the thousands of women using the services offered by MBBP, we need to look at the needs of the providers too.
After careful consideration, we put forward our suggestion of introducing a donations system to the guests at Café V on Saturday 17th September. After a  positive discussion, we have decided to introduce the donations system.

At each Café V meet-up, there will be a money box where each guest is welcome to donate a small amount for the session. Any and all monies collected will be used towards the cost of running My Body Back Project website and additional admin costs such as printing flyers etc.

There is no amount too low or too high but as an example, a reasonable amount to donate might be £3-£5 (less if you are unemployed, on benefits, a single parent, a student, on sick leave or struggling financially in any other way; and slightly more if you are in paid employment). If you want to give more then please do!
However, it’s important to note that we don’t want anyone to feel that they cannot attend if they cannot afford a donation. If this is the case, please send us an email at just to let us know you are unable to offer a donation but still want to attend. We want Café V to be accessible to all, and we are very happy to work with you on this. We understand that there are times when there just isn’t spare cash available.
We hope you understand the reasons behind this decision, and we hope to see you at Café V soon.

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