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Book Launch: Silver Desire - Erotic Stories of Older Women

Book Launch: Silver Desire - Erotic Stories of Older Women - Sh! Women's Store
You are all cordially invited to join author and editor Zak Jane Keir for a wonderfully juicy evening of loud readings for the launch event of  Silver Desire - Erotic Stories of Older Women. Zak Jane Keir will be reading, as well as her special guests Jilly Boyd and Charlie Powell. We have it on good authority that there may be surprise guests reading too!
Zak Jane Keir is an award-nominated writer, editor, feminist, atheist, morris dancer. And porn star. Catch up with her at Dirty Sexy Words.
Date: Friday 16th September
Time: 6-8pm
Venue: Sh! 57 Hoxton Square London N1 6PB
Price: FREE
Book your space by email:

Here's a little teaser to get you all in the mood...

The Boys In The Band.
She was upfront about her ‘wild’ rock chick past, both in the preliminary messaging and on the first date, and most of the men she met up with seemed to find it appealing. There were some, who were roughly her own age, who were more interested in recounting their own exploits, and a few younger ones who, she suspected, simply didn’t believe her stories. Still, a fair percentage turned out to be worth more than just dinner or a drink, and she got what she described to herself as the itch being scratched, from time to time. She carried lube, she carried condoms. It was as well to be prepared. In the days of running from club to club and gig to gig, she’d always had condoms, a toothbrush and a clean pair of knickers, because you could never be sure where you were going to end up.
She’d bonded with Alex over this issue, the first time they met: though he was a good few years younger than her, he was old enough to remember the days when most of London had its live venues and rock clubs, and he’d had his share of fun and games. He’d been a part of the world she had loved and subsequently lost. They had three dates, and the third one ended up back at his flat. The sex was really good: she’d had some embarrassingly bad encounters in this second – what would you call it? Blossoming? Re-animation? – along with plenty of enjoyable but forgettable ones, but Alex had an enthusiasm and dexterity she liked, as well as an unusually skilful tongue. She hadn’t needed the lube, at all.
zak jane keir

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