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All We Want for Christmas - Renee's Wishlist

All We Want for Christmas - Renee's Wishlist - Sh! Women's Store
This Sunday it's Renee, our wonderful, ETO Award winning Shop Manager, who shares her not-so-secret wish list of joy. Curious about what someone who knows all about sex toys may want? You have to wait no more.
dressing gown
Dressing Gown
I know fleecy dressing gowns and pj's are traditional Christmas gifts, but I want to spice things up a little. This silky dressing gown with lace inserts looks - and feels - great. Perfect for a chilled out, but still sexy, Christmas morning: dressed enough not to offend the in-laws but still a little skin on show...

beyonce corsetBeyonce Corset 
Beautiful lace detailing and easy to peel off - need I say more? It comes in a variety of sizes, and if you come see us in the shop, we'll help fit you. A corset is a marvellous garment; you'll find yourself stand up straighter and sashaying around. I find a a woman in a corset is best accessorized with a glass of chilled bubbles, so I hope Santa brings a bottle of Moet too...

Rocks Off HooplaRocks Off Feranti Hoopla Massager
Like many women, I prefer non-traditionally looking toys and this waterproof little massager ticks all the boxes for fun, creative play.  Hoopla is USB rechargeable (it can be charged whilst I'm working - handy!) and so discreet. As you can see from the design, it isn't intended for internal use, but the shape is great for all-over external play. This is the kind of toy you won't mind someone finding!

Flogger and BibleLuxury Suede Flogger & Boudoir Bible
Thuddy suede strands and 18k white gold handle with Swarovski crystal... *sigh*  At a whopping £99, I'm not going to buy it for myself but if Santa brings me one, I might even let him have a cheeky go.  
The Boudoir Bible, written by Betony Vernon with illustrations by Francois Berthoud, is a modern sex guide for 'the uninhibited'. Beautifully written, the Boudoir Bible is available for purchase in the shop, and I feel it's the perfect bedtime read...
For my bezzie mates
ultimate guide to female orgasmA copy of Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women by Mikaya Heart
(one of my favourite books - I cannot recommended this enough) plus a Love Bullet Silver Lipstick vibrator - this will ensure their new year starts off with a decent bang, so to speak. The lipstick bullet is rechargeable and waterproof - and very quiet.

For Santa
He'll have a busy season, so a bit of stress relief might be appreciated. I'll make sure to sneak a Tenga Egg into his pocket...

What's new Pussycat?

The newest sex toys to make our shelves...

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