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Vaginismus Awareness Day

Vaginismus Awareness Day - Sh! Women's Store

Join our virtual Vaginismus Awareness Day event on Tuesday the 15th of September.

Sh! set out to open up the conversation about painful sex with the launch of Vaginismus Awareness Day in 2015. This year we'll mark the day with a special online event designed to lift the lid on painful sex and provide help & advice to those living with it.

This year, we're marking Vaginismus Awareness Day with an online event providing support and advice to those living with painful sex and will give out dilator sets, donated through our Pay it Forward scheme.

It's generally believed that at least 2 in every 1000 vagina-owners in the UK suffer from Vaginsmus ( an involuntary tightening of the vaginal muscles which makes penetration painful or impossible) although we think getting accurate figures is near impossible as there is so little awareness and so much stigma that many don't seek help because of feelings of exclusion, embarrassment or fear.

We want to see this changed, and for everyone suffering to feel supported and know they are not alone...

To raise awareness about the impact of this condition, Sh! is gathering real-life stories to publish on blog, anonymously if preferred. Find out how to share your story here.

This special event will be hosted by Sh! Sex Educator Evie Fehilly, with the main focus on how to move from shame and stigma to a fulfilled and pleasurable sex life.

We have two special guests joining us for the event, Sarah Berry and Lisa Mackenzie, and we'll also be launching our new, updated Vaginismus Dilating Kit!


  • When: Tuesday 15th September at 6:30pm
  • Where: In front of a screen at a location that suits you :)
  • Price: £3 ALL proceeds will go to the Sh! Dilator Pay It Forward Scheme [those on limited income, please contact Sh! for free ticket]

This event is open to all women, in particular those who have been diagnosed with Vaginismus or who experience pain around their vulva or vagina but have not yet received a diagnosis. 

Our Host & Special Guests

Evie Fehilly 

Evie Fehilly, Sh! sex educator. Evie's award-winning theatre creations captivate crowds with themes of sexual liberation, consent and sexual misconduct. Sex education is at the core of her practice, Evie's work has been featured in Time Out, E4, Channel 5 and Italian Vogue. This one-woman circus wants to make you laugh, feel empowered and talk about orgasms a lot!

Lisa Mackenzie

Lisa Mackenzie is co-founder of the Vaginismus Network, a community for people with Vaginismus which aims to raise awareness of the condition, and connect, support and empower those living with it. After living with Vaginismus for many years, and feeling broken and isolated, Lisa decided to take control of the situation. She met Kat Wilson, a Vaginismus blogger, and very quickly they set up the Vaginismus Network after realising how life-changing it is to meet someone else who truly understands what you are going through. Lisa is passionate about supporting and empowering others living with Vaginismus, and providing them with the sense of community that she believes she could have benefitted from as a young girl growing up with the condition.

Sarah Berry

Having spent many years suffering with Vaginismus and meeting all kinds of medical and psychological helpers, Sarah decided to train as the therapist that she wishes she'd had. Now, as an experienced sex & relationship therapist, Sarah helps individuals, couples and groups overcome, manage and better understand all issues across the gender, sex and relationship fields, including Vaginismus, which she happily specialises in.

Sarah uses traditional counselling techniques as well as specialist sex and relational tools to help people find answers to why they have the condition, what maintains it and how to overcome it. She works experientially with each person or couple. While there are patterns, everyone is different and needs to find their own way to achieve their own goals. And to understand that recovering from Vaginismus is not just about getting something up something!

Have a question for one of our speakers? Email us at and we'll forward it to Evie, Lisa & Sarah in time for the event.

Sh! Launches Upgraded Vaginismus Dilating Set

Just in time for Vaginismus Awareness Day, we have upgraded our popular Soft Silicone Vaginismus Dilating kit with a powerful, rechargeable bullet vibrator!

Dilating Kit with Rechargeable Bullet
  • Turn your dilator into a buzzing wonder with this petite but powerful finger vibrator!
  • 10 vibration modes to choose from, with one strong vibration intensity
  • USB rechargeable and made from 100% body-safe material
  • 100% waterproof
  • The bullet can be used as a teeny-tiny vibrator on its own. It's perfect for nipple play and clitoral stimulation.
  • The dilators can be purchased individually or as a set.
  • The dilators are handmade on our studio in London and come discretely packaged in a black storage pouch (when you purchase a full set of four dilators).

What's new Pussycat?

The newest sex toys to make our shelves...

Need any help or advice? let us know...


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