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New Year, New Pleasures

New Year, New Pleasures - Sh! Women's Store

To welcome in the new decade we have specially selected a range of our favourite products for our New Pleasures campaign. We love these items for anyone looking to try out something new sexually and find out more about their turn-ons. To make things easier, we've discounted these items in price to encourage our fab community to get playing!

Clitoral Pleasure

It's no secret that the clitoris is a magnificent body part, especially when it comes to offering orgasms. Around 75% of vulva-owners need clitoral stimulation in order to climax, so this little pearl o' pleasure should be treated with tender love and care.

If you haven’t explored using buzzing buddies to enhance this area of your pleasure then let the New Year ring in new levels of sensation. With consistent vibrations, various speed settings and the ability to truly pinpoint pleasure with tapered tips, many of our customers choose vibrators to help them in ways that human hands cannot. This isn’t something to be concerned about; it’s the cherry on top of a very sexy ice cream. 

Cliterally speaking, this Love Bullet in the form of a silver lipstick shape is a great intro to vibrators. It’s one of our smaller bullets that still packs a powerful pulse. Tickle your favourite erogenous areas with as it doesn’t need to stimulate solely your clitoris to warm you up into a sex sweat.

Speaking of erogenous zones, using a cordless wand is a total game-changer for massages. If you're going for a full body sensuous session, start with some scented body-safe oils using your hands around the neck and shoulders. Move through pressure points that are further away from their sweet spot and move closer towards it, subbing in the wand whenever feels good and eventually turning them over. Be aware that the deep rumbles may fare too intense for usage directly on the clitoris unless it’s protected somewhat by clothes. Placing it on the lower stomach, however, will ooze delicious vibrating waves to it from afar.

If you're both into it, you could transform your sensuous massage into a kinky teasing session by tying up or gagging your partner. We've designed the Sh! bondage tape to have the erotic appearance of duct tape but without any of the pain upon removal. As long as you've discussed physical actions that they can use if they want you to pause or stop beforehand, tape their mouths shut before playing with your partner and revel in their squirms of delight. When you've had your fill, you can whip this tape off however vigorously and feel safe in the knowledge that you won't have taken their lips with it.

G-spot Pleasure

The G-spot is a hotly debated topic. Many refuse to believe there is such a thing, others claim it's the best thing since sliced bread - and the latest info is that it is not a pleasure-spot on its own as previously thought, but an extension of the clitoris... There hasn't been enough scientific study into this cluster of erectile tissue, but we do know that there is a certain spot on the front wall of the vagina that feels oh-so-good when rubbed in the right way.

We have learned a few useful things about the G-spot over the years, and we'd like to share these with you:

  • The G-spot is located about half an inch on the front wall of the vagina, so no need to go in much deeper.
  • It's important to be really turned on before going G-spotting, as this enhances blood flow to the area.
  • It responds well to pressure, so don't be shy with stimulation of it.
  • Many "find it" as they grow older; we believe this is to do with the changing landscape of the vagina as membranes get thinner with age
  • Others "find it" after giving vaginal birth. Again, this is likely to do with changes inside the vaginal canal.

Using a toy makes G-spot stimulation a lot easier. The only requirement for this is that the toy has a shaft with a curved end, as this helps both with finding the right spot and pleasuring it.

The Sh! Bliss is great for those new to G-spot stimulation. It's approximately 2 fingers wide in terms of girth, and long enough whilst not being too long. We use an average adult finger size as a guide to sizing dildos as this should help you gauge what dildo will work for you and what size you are used to. The angled head of Sh! Bliss makes it very easy to position, and our recommended motion is "juicing". This means rubbing or rolling on the spot, rather than the stroking in and out that many penis-owners are obsessed with. This delivers a much more targeted stimulation to the erectile tissue and so you can go with the flow of this motion and see where the pleasure-waves take you!

The Mini Pink is a slimmer alternative to the Bliss. With similar curves to caress your innermost G-lights, the mini pink has a similar girth to one average adult finger. What's nice about these two is that you can enjoy them both inside or lay along your vulva, aka the exterior bit, and enjoy sensation throughout it.

Class Bundle Offer

Many of our customers can feel overwhelmed or unsure of where to start with exploring your sexual tastes or toys. If you find that a little more guidance on self-pleasure could help you then check out our monthly itinerary of education, informal and judgement-free workshops and events. It's totally fully-clothed and the only participation we ask from guests is to ask earnest questions to get the most from your experience, either during the class or one-on-one with one of our educators at the end. The fabulously talented Evie Fehilly hosts these in-store classes and in light of the New Year, we’re offering a combo course to encourage those with vulvas to delve deeper into your sexual pleasure.

On Tuesday, 7 January, and Wednesday, 22 January, we are hosting an Orgasmic class and a Seduction class in a combo deal for a £10 discount!

If an actual workshop is simply too much then how about flicking through a more private alternative to the inner workings of your orgasms. Becoming Orgasmic is an educational guide written specifically for women experiencing difficulties in finding their orgasms including tips and activities for you to try out at your leisure.

Anal Pleasure

We recently received a phone call from a fella asking if we sell numbing lotion for buttholes as his partner needed something to 'get through anal'. We don't sell numbing products and we'll explain why, but first, let's unpack the issues with the comment:

'Getting through' anal is not something to aspire to.

Anal play isn't everyone's cup of tea, and that's perfectly ok. If you and your partner choose to explore anal sex together, it is imperative that the focus is on pleasure for both.

Desensitizing lotions, creams or gels shouldn't be used for anal sex - it's not an area you want to be numb as you may end up hurting someone or being hurt yourself. Pain is the body's way of telling you that something is wrong and using desensitizing products turn off this warning signal. Rather than selling desensitizing products, we advise customers to use common sense, generous amounts of lube and going slow. We stock Happy Hiney; a serum designed to relax (rather than numb) the anal passage to soothe away any tension and ease relaxation and pleasure.

Anal play, when done right, is pleasurable and hot AF. The anus is packed with nerve-endings and when these are stroked, licked and teased for a length of time, it's possible for the receiver to experience orgasm.

The anus and surrounding areas respond very well to gentle play with just fingers and some lube, and this is really all you need for a fun time. Make sure nails are short and smooth. If you're a regular nail biter, we recommend treating yourself to a session in a nail bar before dipping your tips into someone's anus.

We love this set of anal beads made out of body-safe silicone. It's designed specifically for bum-fun beginners who are looking to explore anal pleasure alone or with a partner as you can control how far in the beads go, with the first one being the smallest being thinner than a little finger. Whip them out upon orgasm and enjoy the ripples against your rim. Remember to add a dash of anal lube to both anus and beads before inserting. A sweet alternative to the beads is our Beginner’s Butt Plug 1, for play around the same girth as a single finger.

Penis Owner’s Pleasure

If you are a seasoned anal explorer hoping to expand your P-Spot pleasure horizons, this incredible Naughty Boy from Rocks Off could be your perfect toy. It's a fair bit extra in girth than our beads but it's not one of our bulkier toys. With a cheeky buzz it simultaneously stimulates the P-spot through the anus whilst massaging the prostate, meaning your erectile tissues throughout this area will be totally lit up.

For those wanting to concentrate on their favourite member, then how about trying a masturbation sleeve? Avoiding the usual tacky vulva-lookalikes, this textured sleeve brings your southerly pleasure through a sleek, discreet and adjustable tube. It isn't trying to "replace" anything but is simply a fun addition to your sex toy box to be enjoyed alone or with whoever you like. Add some lube inside of the sleeve before popping it onto an erect penis and then adjust your grip to determine its tightness as your masturbate - clever, ey?

If you are looking to pleasure a penis orally but are not such a fan of it’s orgasmic flavour, then add a dash of this Licolicious Delight Cream beforehand. In cinnabun, watermelon and cotton candy flavours you’ll find you suddenly can’t get enough of this sweet 'n' sexy lollipop!

Discover More

We also have a little sample bag of sexy lotions and potions to enhance pleasure; the Intimate Earth Organics Enhancer foils.

Five sachets are included in the Intimate Earth sample kit, including an anal relaxing serum, a clitoral arousal serum, a salted caramel oral pleasure glide, G-spot stimulating serum and a melt warming glide. Each one is individually formulated using certified organic extracts with their own, hypnotizing scents. We recommend pairing these paraben-free and vegan sample sachets with your new toy for extra va-va-voom!

Follow #NewYearNewPleasures on social media where we'll be sharing all the offers - Happy New Pleasures everyone! xx

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