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Toy Review: Twizzler

Toy Review: Twizzler - Sh! Women's Store
Over time, toy testers become adept at judging toys by size, depth of vibration and volume; you can often deduce if a vibrator is going to hit the spot, so to speak, before it's anywhere near your private parts.
When Sh! MD Ky handed me the Twizzler, I eyed it with suspicion. Bearing in mind I suspected it was going burn off my clit long before an orgasm was forthcoming, you might understand my hesitation - I'm quite fond of my jewel. It has served me well over the years.
Looking closer at the Twizzler, I was baffled. Dual stimulation toys I'm onboard with - but a peculiar, pink beret decorated with raised bumps where the rabbit ears should be... I wasn't convinced the session was going to end well, but I took Twizzler home for a hesitant test drive.


A longer shaft, nice and firm with enough bend in it to keep it comfortable. A ridge placed mid-shaft offers pressure against the G-spot. It's not too girthy, although I understand this is subjective. I'd say the widest part of the tip is just over two fingers wide and the body then slims down towards the part where the clitoral stimulator joins the shaft.
The clit stim is well-placed and the arm is very flexible - it can be pressed closer to the body during play, or you can gently move it to the side if direct stimulation feels a tad too much.
The design is ergonomic and Twizzler rests easy in the hand. The three buttons can be controlled with the press of a thumb, which is a bonus. The Twizzler is a rich, pink colour and whilst I know many *hate* pink sex toys, I think it's a happy colour so thumbs up for that!
Made from hypoallergenic silicone, like most of my favourite toys, Twizzler is smooth to touch and very easy to keep clean. Just remember to gently remove the "buttons" and clean them too.

Vibration & Twizzlers

Twizzler offers a deep, rumbly vibration which works perfectly for me; high-pitched buzzing (bullet vibrators) does absolutely nothing for my spoilt muff. For women who are keen on experimenting with G-spot play, a deep vibration often works best. The vibration throbs its way around the whole genital area, and the G-spot tends to rise to the occasion.
With the vibration comes a certain level of noise, but nothing too annoying. I didn't feel the need to turn on telly or music, and my neighbors haven't complained so... :)
The Twizzler come with two soft "twizzlers", or pleasure buttons. I found that my clit did not have a preference for the ridged Twizzler or the nobbly Twizzler - it was the motion rather than the textures that worked for me. In the end, I found that the Twizzlers were both so soft I doubt any irritation could possibly occur, despite my initial misgivings.


Well, yes - this is a category all of its own. The whole point of sex toys is pleasure!
Feeling worried about the swirling 'button' stimulator, I added a fair amount of water-based lube. And then a little more - just in case. I was about to start counting the seconds until my clit started smoking - in a bad way - when something odd happened... It felt...good... The button felt good! Nay, great! 
That was mighty unexpected, I tell ya.  From having feared the pink thing, I suddenly realised it was creating magic in my muffkin!
Scrolling between the various patterns (6), I worked out that a slight building wave motion with the Twizzler swirling back-and-forth worked best for me. There are five levels of intensity to choose from and I'm going to be honest: I set it to *powerful*. Might as well go out with a bang, right?!
The length of the shaft reaches in to stimulate the A-spot, located close to the cervix, the ridge presses against the G-spot and the pink beret twizzles & sizzles against the clit - the quality of that first test-drive orgasm was stunning! I wouldn't be surprised to find out my eyes were rolling around in their sockets. :)


For £89 you get a fantastic dual stimulation-style vibe, rechargeable and waterproof + it comes with a 1 year warranty. Value for money, I'd say!

What the Twizzler taught me was that books (or vibes, in this case), should not be judged on their cover (design) - sometimes something really surprising comes along and you might miss out eye-popping pleasure just because it didn't fit the standard mould at first glance...

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