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Sh! Rechargeable Vibrators

Sh! Rechargeable Vibrators - Sh! Women's Store

Our customers love rechargeable vibrators and our own model, Desire Vibrator has been at the top of our shop best-seller charts for months.

Along with their green credentials, the fact that a rechargeable vibrator doesn't require batteries is the main attraction - no more raiding the TV remote or running flustered to the corner shop...

But there are other advantages too, like better build quality and lots of interesting settings and sensations.

Many are waterproof, which also mean they are super easy to keep clean.

Rechargeable vibrators are some of the most innovative and beautiful vibrators on the market today.

Some have their own chargers to sit in, quietly powering up.
Most, however will need to be plugged in to charge, either using a USB cable or a wall plug.
Of course, there has to be downside and with a rechargeable vibrator it's the price; these babies will never be able to compete in price with a battery-powered vibe.

We have two sensual rechargeable vibrators that are exclusive to Sh!

Desire Rechargeable Vibrator           

[caption id="attachment_23505" align="alignleft" width="200"]Desire Rechargeable Vibrator Desire Rechargeable Vibrator £49[/caption]
Made from top grade silicone, Desire is a beautiful toy, sensually curved and eminently strokable...
A soft, slender body containing double motors, Desire provides 20 different vibration patterns throughout the length with amazing intensity resounding from the tip.
For all this power, its a quiet vibrator, emitting just a low hum..
Desire's sensually curved form is functional as well as beautiful; whilst it's inside you,  the base of the vibrator will also thrill your clitoris, offering the chance of a blended orgasm...

Excite Rechargeable Vibrator

[caption id="attachment_25805" align="alignright" width="200"]Excite Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator Excite Rechargeable Vibrator £45[/caption]
Also made from top grade silicone, this time coated over a firmer body, Excite has a modern, ergonomic design and a sensually curved body.
Easy to use and compact like Desire, it's simple to operate, with 3 beautifully illuminated buttons.
Don’t be fooled by its velvety-smooth body, there’s a strong motor in there offering 20 powerful vibration patterns throughout the ergonomic arc for concentrated clitoral stimulation.
Because it's smaller in size, with the same powerful motor, Excite is louder than Desire, as the vibrations are so concentrated.

Sh! rechargeable vibrators hold their charge...

Both vibrators contain a large-capacity battery, which promise 4+ hours of play.
We were quite impressed with this when we commissioned them, and even more  chuffed to find that, actually, they  hold their charge even better than this!
As best-sellers in our store, they are turned on and played with a LOT and we find that we don't have to put our tester models onto to recharge as often as other rechargeable toys.
And both vibrators recharge fast too; simply plug into a USB port or power socket and leave to charge for an hour or two.
Both  come in their own luxurious gift box, with full instructions,  recharging  equipment (USB, Smart UK plug & US plug)  and a free sachet of lube to get you going...
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