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Se(x) Squared - Science London

Se(x) Squared - Science London - Sh! Women's Store
How much do you know about sex, really? Science London is getting steamy, as we look at the science of sex and the maths of making love.
We’ll be joined by some real life sex scientists, who will be on hand to talk about their research and answer your burning questions. Where in the UK has the most sex? How can apps make people use condoms? And what do you call your bits?
When: Thursday 4th December at 6.30pm
Where: Sh! 57 Hoxton Square, London N1 6PB
Tickets: £3
Guest Speakers:
Dr Soazig Clifton, UCL:
"Who with? Where? What? How often? All good questions, especially when it comes to the sex lives of Brits. I'll be undressing the results of NATSAL – the largest ever survey of national sexual habits."
Dr Rosie Webster, UCL:
"How can a website make men use condoms? Sexually transmitted infections can be prevented using condoms, but many people don’t use them. We've developed a website which encourages condom use, and I'll be talking about how we decided what this website should include (which involved a lot of talking to men about sex!)"
Plus a special guest!

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