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Rude Magazine - Hot Monogamy Focus Group

Rude Magazine - Hot Monogamy Focus Group - Sh! Women's Store
Hot monogamy - how to keep things exciting in a long-term relationship
This focus group with Rude Magazine looks into ways to balance the sense of adventure/security within a long term relationship and having time apart. Feedback from the focus group will assist with the development of the Rude ebook series.
Nicci, at Rude Magazine is happy to share her own experiences in this focus group and look into way to keep your sexual energy high - like following Mantak Chia's programme - The Multi Orgasmic Woman. There’ll be health tips on various practices and exercises that you can do at home and an online package exploring ways to keep in touch with the body (pelvic exercises, breast massage, yoga etc.).
You’ll also have the chance to discuss ideas for sex projects, like creating a sex space/dungeon together... adding a little fun and unpredictability as you have to be creative and create your own environment rather than going into a designated space/dungeon that someone has set up for you.
This is a free one-off chance to get together with a likeminded group of women, help develop an ebook and become more aware and conscious of our own and our partners needs and desires.
A little more info about Rude Magazine
A rather different women’s magazine… We aim to step away from the traditional women’s magazine format with its narrow focus on celebrity, weight, fashion, beauty and home and explore our inner lives and what it means to be a woman.
Rude is a celebration of femininity and power, a platform for different voices, and a means of supporting each other rather than knocking each other down. We value slow journalism – a reflective look at news and current affairs so have chosen to publish bi-monthly content around themes, which enables us to dig a little deeper into the issues affecting women through oral histories and storytelling.
Our key values are storytelling, community, curiosity, passion, pleasure and humour.
We publish features, interviews, reviews, profiles and lifestyle content around the following themes:
• Culture and Society
• Sexual Politics
• Women’s Issues
• Health
• Book Reviews – fiction foreplay, stories and oral histories
• Modern Parenting
• Sex and Creativity
Oct 2013 issue: ‘The Body’ – explores our bodies and minds, sexual health and sexuality as a reflection on the 1971 feminist classic Our Bodies, Ourselves published by the non-profit organisation Our Bodies, Ourselves and now in its 9th edition

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