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The Sh! girlz are very thrilled about the new sexy products we've been getting lately! Luxurious massage candles, hot lubes and enhancers, and fun card games are just some of the gorgeous goodies that are new in store and on the website. [caption id=" " align="alignleft" width="150"]Rich, fruity scented massage candle Lelo Massage Candle: Snow Pear and Cedarwood[/caption] Lelo Massage Candle Want a slow-burning sexy time? Lelo Massage Candles, in three yummy varieties, are an ultra-luxurious way to set the scene  & massage your lover.;  Light the scented candle and let the gorgeous perfume infuse the room...extinguish the flame and pour the warm massage oil onto your lover's skin...end enjoy! How sexy is that!?! Available in Black Pepper and Pomagranate, Snow Pear and Cedarwood, and the yummy vanilla and Creme de cacao, (this Sh! Girl's fave - it smells just like a White Russian coctail!) Lelo Massage candles are an amazing treat. Made of soya-oil (which melts really easily at a low temperature) and shea butter, these candles are a luxurious treat to tease and tantalise your sense! KY Mine and Yours Lubricant [caption id="KY Yours and Mine Lubricant" align="alignright" width="150"]Magic Couple's Lubricant KY Yours and Mine Lubricant[/caption] KY Yours and Mine Lubricant is a couple's lube with a twist! 'Yours' lube is warming, stimulating and blue - 'Mine' is a pink, tingling lubricant with a strong minty scent. But - here's the fun part - when they make contact with each other, they give a whole new thrill! The Sh! girlz reckon this sexy new product from good old KY is magic! 52 Sex Positions Game 52 Cards of hot inventive sex positions - one for every week of the year! A fantastic pressie of treat, for any couple who want to learn some new positions. With cute pics, plus detailed description of how to do each position - and a handy hint! - we like these cards because they give lots of positions which are fun for ladiez, unlike many positon books we've seen, which seem to be asking us to knot our legs behind our heads! They also have lots of possibilities - you can pick a card at random, or shuffle through them as a couple, or each pick your favourite and have a hot conversation about why you like it!. We'd also like to point out that, while it's designed with heterosexual couples in mind, two ladiez with a strap-on dildo, harness and a sense of adventure can also have a lot of fun with these cards! That's all for tonight ladiez, but watch this space for more new and snazzy products coming soon!

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