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Help Us Raise Funds For Survivors of Sexual Violence

Help Us Raise Funds For Survivors of Sexual Violence - Sh! Women's Store
Anyone with access to social media will be aware of the incredible uprising of women finally speaking out about Harvey Weinstein and many others just like him; powerful men who assume they have an automatic right to women's bodies and who wouldn't dream of taking 'no' for an answer. Twitter and Facebook timelines were flooded with stories of sexual harassment and assault, shared by women all over the world using #MeToo. My Body Back LogoIn the midst of this, we received an email by the fantastic women behind the My Body Back Project, a small but mighty charity focusing on female survivors of sexual violence: would we help them raise funds in order to help reach the thousands of women across the UK –the world! – who are desperate for the My Body Back’s support? Well, hellz to the yes! The issue of supporting survivors is something that lies close to our hearts, and together with My Body Back Project, we host a bi-monthly support group called Cafe V. Cafe V is set up as a sex-positive and empowering space where women come together for a cuppa & a danish pastry, celebrating themselves on their journey towards reclaiming their bodies. What happens at Cafe V stays at Cafe V - except for this one time...

So what can we do to help?

18 months ago we attended the glitzy launch of Lelo Hex Condoms, with Charlie Sheen as the face of what was no doubt a costly marketing campaign. Sheen's alleged off-screen behaviour includes a long list of incidents including domestic violence, and it seemed an odd choice for Lelo as the leading sex toy brand for women.

Lelo Tiani 24kAt the end of the festive evening, we each received a luxury goodie bag containing a Lelo Tiani 24k Couples Remote Controlled Intercourse Vibrator (£339), which was incredibly generous and could have set us up for many a-night riding the orgasmic waves. (With a 10-year pleasure guarantee, it would have been the gift that just keeps on giving!)

However, due to Lelo's ill-chosen spokesperson and how we felt about his attitude towards women, we decided to put the luxe vibes to better use: We auctioned off two of the Tiani 24k vibes to help raise funds for Solace Women's Aid. This, to us, offered an opportunity to make something good out of something that left us with a bit of a sour taste...

For our take on the night Lelo got into bed with Charlie, just hop on over to this blog post.

We are now auctioning off another two Lelo Tiani 24k to help raise much-needed cash for the My Body Back Project.

Lelo Tiani 24 Gold Couples Vibrator

If you want to show your support and stand with survivors of sexual violence, place your bid now!

There are three ways to leave your bid and whichever way works best for you, works for us:
  1. Leave your bid in ££'s in the comments below
  2. Tweet your bid in ££'s to @Shwomenstore using #MBBP
  3. Leave your bid in ££'s on our Facebook page

The two highest bids by 5pm on Saturday 10th February 2018 will each take home a Lelo Tiani 24k vibe, knowing that their bids will be used to support female survivors of sexual violence.

If you'd like to organise a fundraising event or help support survivors in some way, sexual abuse & sexual violence awareness week is the perfect time. Taking place from 5th - 11th February 2018, there'll be a number of events like the Light Up The Night on Monday 5th February, which will see a walk across London's Millennium Bridge to shine a light on the issue in solidarity with survivors of sexual abuse & violence. For those of you who want to, you can also donate directly to My Body Back Project.

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