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Guest Blogger - Rita Hurry, Beautifying Life

As a Life Coach, I come across many women who want to achieve so much in life, and aim to put so many actions in place, but the one thing that holds them back is their confidence in themselves.

They take action, but with their head filled with doubts. These doubts, although to some can seem a minor hurdle, but in the grand picture, this is not the case.

Our lack of confidence is full of negative energy. And when negative energy is given wings to fly, then boy will it fly! It will fly all over your goals and dreams until all you feel is negative about the things you want and decide to give up!

This can be especially so in the bedroom with our partner. Confidence plays a BIG role here. If we let this negative energy lose in the bedroom then all that is left is a sexual relationship that becomes monotonous or controlled by the partner, who has confidence to ask for what they want and to make things happen, because you have given up making things exciting. Therefore, the whole enjoyment factor has gone, which could eventually lead to strains in the relationship.

When I see clients come to me feeling this way, it makes me sad. Sad because sex is fun and it’s about enjoyment, pleasure and it’s the one area where we can truly let our inhibitions lose and enjoy what gives us pleasure and also sad, because they have allowed this negative energy to ruin the area of great experiences and closeness with their partner.

When partners come together and are open in sharing their needs and wants in the bedroom and are willing to please and be pleased, then the bedroom becomes a place we look forward to going, not just a place to sleep after a long hard day. We get to maybe dress up, get creative and have some fun with the person we want.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Beautifying Life Beautifying Life[/caption]

I encourage all women out there, if lack of confidence is spilling into your life both inside and outside the bedroom, don’t let it take away the beautiful person you are and your enjoyment. Take that positive step to reignite that passion and love for yourself both in and out of the bedroom and live that truly fulfilling life that makes your heart skip with excitement.

We are now approaching 2013 and what better time to make these changes then now.

Our thoughts about ourselves are what leads to change. If we start to think that we are worthy and deserve the best and an exciting life both in and out of the bedroom, then we have to change our thoughts and this in turn will change our beliefs about ourselves.

So go deserve to have some fun and enjoy the pleasures you have been blessed with, so do not let the negative energies take this from you, take action and enjoy.

If you would like to work together on this change and combat lack of confidence both in and out of the bedroom, please feel free to check out my website for the services I offer and drop me a line or check out my workshop ‘New Year’s Sex-olutions – Resolutions for the bedroom’ which will be held at Sh! Women’s store on 10th January 2013 at 6.30pm.

Rita Hurry LCLCSi

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