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Friday Bits'n'Bobs

We've got a few things going on at Sh! this Friday so here's a quick overview. [caption id="The Adventurous Lover" align="alignleft" width="150"]The Adventurous Lover The Adventurous Lover[/caption] First, we've had an epic day preparing a whole lot of latex gloves for Dublin Pride Week, which starts today - hope all you ladiez and gents over there have a fab week! Look out for our Sh! flyers, too, 'cos they come with a 10% discount on our website - more details next week! Second, we've been having a literary week with some of our favourite erotic books being posted on the website. Susan Quilliam's two gorgeous bedisde volumes, 'The Joy of Sex; the Romantic Lover' and 'The Joy of Sex: The Adventurous Lover' really caught our attention! Updates of Dr Alex Comfort's classic text, they provide lots of sexy ideas, along with luscious illustrations, for how to kindle some romance or get adventurous - or both! [caption id="Lelo Bob" align="alignright" width="150"]Lelo Bob Lelo Bob[/caption] We've also received delivery of a brand new Lelo toy which we can't wait to test out... The Lelo Bob, a gorgeous butt plug made of silky slicone, is perfect for anal play, and especially for prostate stimulation - and it can be kept in place under clothes if you fancy it. It's a fantastic new boy's toy - and we can't wait to hear what the lucky Sh! fellah who tries it out thinks of it...he's definitely going to have a fun weekend! The Feather Tickler is our very latest product and we really like it! It comes with a little wrist-strap, so it can be carried or worn as part of a sexy outfit, ideal for kinky or burlesque nights. (What - feathers aren't kinky? We beg to differ - combined with a blindfold, the tickling and teasing of feathers can be really, really amazing!) And - coming soon to Sh! - we're looking forward to receiving some new Ophoria goodies, due next week. We've seen a sneaky preview, and the Ophoria Beyond G-spot Vibrator looks amazing! Watch this space for more details... Hope you all have a fun weekend, Ladiez - and do drop in and see us if you're round Hoxton, or have a look through our website...

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