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Birthday Offer 10: FREE Lush Lubricant


Deal of the Day:

Buy a Super Strapless Dildo and receive our best-selling Lush Lube 250ml for FREE!

This strapless strap-on dildo is a wearable dildo, designed by Sh! for you to enjoy strap-on play with full body-to-body contact!

Our 100% silicone Strapless Strap-On has a stay-in-place design, with no seams or ridges, making it comfortable for both wearer and receiver and super easy to clean!

How Do You Use a Strapless Strap On Dildo?

The lucky wearer slips the egg-shaped portion inside herself, which gently massages her G-spot and prompts her pc muscles to squeeze against it.

The longer, external dildo extends outside for her partner to hop on!

Without the security of a strap-on harness, a strapless dildo is not a toy for wild thrusting, but for relishing the really close contact you will have with your lover…


Buy a Super Strapless Dildo today  and receive a FREE bottle of Lush Lube 250ml!

Made in the UK for Sh!, this is luxurious water-based lube has a non-greasy formula and a light, liquid texture that will make you feel wet and stay wet!

The small amount of silicone in its ingredients makes Lush lubricant feel more like a lotion than a lube until you use it that it; it's long lasting, feels super slippery on the skin but never goes sticky or tacky - it simply absorbs into the skin.

Let us know you want the free bottle of Sh! Lush Lube 250ml, along with your purchase of a Sh! Super Strapless by sending us a Happy Birthday message in the comments box of your order!

 This offer is valid today only (April 10th). Check back tomorrow for a hot new deal!

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