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Sex Toy Essentials

Our collection of Sex Toy Essentials chosen by women. Power up! There's literally nothing worse than wanting to play and finding your sex toy has died! We list how your toy is powered in the product 'Tech Info' tab - if you need fresh supplies, you'll find them here. You'll also find our spritz-on and rinse-off Toy Cleaner. Although not essential to sex toy cleanliness, this antibacterial spray is the quickest way to keep all your toys fresh, clean and ready for round two!

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sex toy essentials FAQ's

Using a sex toy cleaner is a fast, convenient way of keeping your toys clean and free from harmful bacteria. A spray gets into nooks & crannies better than a soap can. You don't even have to leave the bedroom for a quick sex toy clean-up!

(if applicable) The 'Tech Spec' tab on the product page will tell you what type of battery your sex toy takes It will also tell you how many batteries it needs and if the sex toy comes with batteries or not. Vibes with many powerful functions like rabbit vibrators, need strong batteries like Duracell. Some toys come with batteries, but we always recommend getting extra - you don't want to run out of power at inopportune moments!

This is one of the most common questions we get. Luckily, most cases can easily be fixed at home! Here are the most common issues with vibrators that have stopped working:
1. The vibe has run out of power
2. Old batteries have been used
3. Batteries have been put in the wrong way
4. There is a small paper disc under the lid that needs removing.
5. A rechargeable vibrator not left to charge for long enough
6. An Apple wall plug has been used for charging
7. The ON button needs to be pressed for longer
8. The travel lock has been activated

- Does your battery-operated vibrator have a small paper disc under the lid? Remove this before use.
- The flat side of the battery needs to sit against the spring in the battery compartment.
- Battery-operated rabbit vibrators need lots of power. £1 batteries from Poundland aren’t going to cut it - you need Duracell or similar.
- Don't mix old and new batteries.
- Make sure the batteries have been inserted correctly. There are usually + and - marks showing how to insert the batteries.
- Different battery sizes hold different amounts of power. A teeny-tiny battery = appx 25 minutes of power. A cell battery = appx 60 minutes.
- Removing the batteries between play sessions helps preserve the life of the batteries and the toy.

-The charger must be correctly attached at both ends (toy + wall plug).
- Charging via a laptop or desktop PC takes much longer than plugging the toy into a wallplug (up to 8 hours).
- The toy will stop charging if your device goes into standby mode.
- Modern vibrators have a delayed On-button. Be patient and press the On-button for 3 or even 5 seconds.
- Apple plugs can usually recognise when another product isn't Apple. This means using an Apple plug to charge your vibrator won't work. Try a different wall plug.
- Does your vibrator have a travel lock that may have been accidentally activated? Read the instructions for how to unlock.

If your vibrator still isn't working, it may be faulty. When did you buy your sex toy? Different brands come with different guarantees, from 30 days up to 5 years (this depends on the brand). If your toy is within its guarantee, please contact us so we can help sort it out for you.
- If we find the vibrator has a mechanical fault, we’ll be happy to exchange it for you.
- We need proof of purchase, packaging and charging cable, plus your name, order number and reason for returning the toy.
- Please don't send toys without contact details - we have no way of knowing who it is from. This will delay the process of getting your exchange.
- Thoroughly clean throughly any used toy you return, please!
- Please note: We're unable to exchange toys that have been incorrectly used (a non-waterproof vibrator used in the bath, for example)

How to clean sex toys?

⚫ Wash both before and after use

⚫ Remove any batteries before washing your toys

⚫ Spritz with an antibacterial toy cleaner and rinse

⚫ Or wash with antibacterial handwash and hot water

⚫ Always leave toys to air dry

⚫ Store in a fluff-free area

Read more about how to clean & care for sex toys (and yourself!) ...