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Sh! Art in “Sex Shop” Exhibition

Sh! Art in “Sex Shop” Exhibition

Sh! Sex Shop Art Sh! is proud to announce their involvement with the “Sex Shop” pop up exhibition at Transition Gallery, London, 28 February - 29 March 2015

Artists and designers, along with creative people from other professional fields, were invited to design and develop a prototype version of their own sex or fetish object. Sh! was approached to produce an original art work for the exhibition. Representing the innovative and multi award-winning Hoxton sex shop is Team Sh! Member and artist Roxy Topia. Along with her partner Paddy Gould, the two designed and created “Internal Clitoris (One Size Does Not Fit All)”.
Roxy and Paddy were inspired by Sh!’s creation of a space where women can discover and explore their true sexual selves away from the pressures of a 'one size fits all’ world.
“Internal Clitoris (One Size Does Not Fit All)” as the title suggests depicts the internal clitoris because, to the artists, “the clitoris is an inspiring organ with such capacity for fun, pleasure and abstract sensation whilst only its tip is evident to the eye.”
"The artwork symbolises ignorance verses positivity. “The fact that the internal clitoris was scientifically ‘discovered’ only 5 years ago shows how much female sexuality is still so undervalued and misunderstood. The fact that our beautiful clitoris was created by a couple gives us hope that the clitoris soon will be understood by women and valued by men in all its true complexity.” - Ky Hoyle ( Sh! MD/Founder)
The striking piece is made from air-dried clay and airbrushed with paint and lacquer; creating a variety of arousing surface finishes that capture the light and are apparent at different angles when viewed in person.
“Internal Clitoris (One Size Does Not Fit All)” by Roxy Topia and Paddy Gould, dimensions (L) 20cm x (W) 12cm x (H) 19cm will be on display in Sex Shop and will be available to purchase.
The Sex Shop project, previously at The Folkestone Fringe 2014
30 August – 4 October 2014 is conceived and curated by three London based artists: Sarah Gillham, Jack Stokoe & Darren Nairn.
For further information on the projects and the participating artists, please request the Sex Shop press release or take a look at
For further information on Sh!  or artists Roxy Topia and Paddy Gould (; please contact Nina Saini on or alternatively on +44 (0) 7956 84 13 59.

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