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3 Sexy Christmas Gifts That Will Keep On Giving

3 Sexy Christmas Gifts That Will Keep On Giving - Sh! Women's Store

As the holiday season approaches, it's time to start thinking about the perfect gift for your loved one. Or loved ones if you have more than one partner. 

Choosing the right Christmas present can be daunting, but with some planning and creativity, you can find something that will bring joy and happiness to your special someone. Here are some tips on how to choose a sexy Christmas present:

1. Consider Their Desires

Do they have a particular interest, or have they mentioned they fantasise about trying something new? Do they love massages, vibrators, nipple play or spanking? Pick a gift that's related to their desires. You could even create a gift basket filled with their favourite things!

2. Think Outside the Box

Get creative with your gifts. Consider giving experiences instead of physical gifts, such as an online sex course for the two of you to do together. 

3. Set a Budget

Before adding toys to the basket, set a budget. This will help you avoid overspending - we want you to enjoy your shopping experience, not sweat over how much you spent. You can get great toys at affordable prices, like this cute bullet vibe for only £12!

4. Shop Early

Avoid the last-minute rush by doing your Christmas shopping early. This will give you plenty of time to find the perfect gift, and it will arrive in good time. We expect most people will be shopping online this year, so remember to factor in how busy delivery services will be. 

An atmospheric photo in gold hues, with a lit candle and a soft feather pom


3 Sexy Gifts That Will Keep On Giving

Glass Dildo

A glass dildo lasts for life (unless you drop it on a hard surface). These toys are marvellous pleasure-givers and far more versatile than you might think. Glass is temperature-responsive and can be warmed up for cold winter nights or chilled in the fridge if a hot flush creeps up. 

Glass dildos can be enjoyed with any lube, and they are fully waterproof for fun in the bathtub. If your boo loves good vibrations from time to time, simply slip a vibrating cock ring over the glass dildo and Bob's Your Uncle! (That will only make sense if you are British - for non-Brit customers: The dildo is dressed up and ready to go!) 


A pair of handmade wrist cuffs is number two on our Top 3 List of Gifts we'd love to see under our tree this year. These leather cuffs are lined with faux fur and are super comfortable. One size fits most - from 140mm - 200mm wrists. Just ensure to leave enough space for one finger to slip between the cuff and wrist to ensure the cuffs aren't too tight. 

The cuffs feature D-rings for restraining your lover to bedposts or a chair if the mood for a little light D/s takes you. Matching ankle cuffs are available, as is a vegan version of the restraints.  

Strap-On Kit 

Gift number 3 on our list is our bestselling strap-on kit. In a stylish storage box with a magnetic lid, your lover will find a handmade leather harness, a hand-poured Cupid 3 silicone dildo, a large bottle of water-based lube and a small bottle of sex toy cleaner to ensure your pleasure kit is always spick & span. 

If you & bae are lovers who fancy taking turns wearing the strap-on, the harness in this kit is perfect. Make sure to size it for the partner with curvier hips; the other can simply tighten the straps when it is their turn :) 

The Cupid 3 dildo features the Sh! signature heart-shaped base, making it safe for anal play if that's on your Christmas menu of pleasures to enjoy. 

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