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Discussion on Orgasms with Mikaya Heart

Discussion on Orgasms with Mikaya Heart - Sh! Women's Store

We were delighted to welcome to Sh! Mikaya Heart, the woman behind the most anticipated book of the year:

The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women

Mikaya guided us through this unflinchingly honest, responsible and thoroughly comprehensive exploration of female sexuality.

Topics covered included the many different types of orgasm (electrical, flying, pounding, deep, waves and blip), orgasm as emotional release, why some women have difficulty climaxing, faking – how it happens and why – multiple orgasms, the male-female dichotomy, penetration and the G-spot, how to define the erotic, the joy of sex toys and more!

Mikaya  is a popular workshop leader with a growing following. Her articles and writing on the subject of women’s sexuality are highly respected. The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women features a foreword by sex educator and web celebrity Violet Blue.

When: Sunday 25th September | 3pm | Free! Where: Sh! Women's Erotic Emporium, 57 Hoxton Square , London N1 6PB, 0207 – 613 54 58

A frank discussion on orgasms with Mikaya Heart

I read The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women on my bus journey to and from work over the course of one week. I soon found I wasn't
[caption id="attachment_22587" align="alignleft" width="150"]Ultimate Guide to Orgasm £12.99 Ultimate Guide to Orgasm £12.99[/caption]
devouring it with my usual hunger for new books; I needed to digest, think, and consider the comments offered to Mikaya Heart, the author, by the 26 women, many men and 100’s of questionnaires during her research for the book. It certainly gave me a whole huge plate of fresh food for thought.
I started thinking about my own orgasms, the ones I take for granted. The very ones I never think much about – not only do I just allow them to ‘happen’, I expect them to happen!

Many Different Types of Orgasms

Mikaya's book describes the many different ways women orgasm: flying orgasm, wave orgasm, falling orgasm, pounding orgasm, surface orgasm, deep orgasm, disappearing  (damn you, orgasm), throbbers, veets (never had one of those, but looking forward to experiencing one) and blips.  And let’s not forget the G-spot orgasm!

I realised I am lucky to experience many of the different ways to orgasm, depending on the situation, my mood, type of stimulation and so on, which type of orgasm. But when I thought about it, I realised I have become so accustomed to my orgasms, I don't really question them and I certainly don't analyze them and the difference between them.

With all this in mind, I was so looking forward to Mikaya's talk at Sh! Hoxton that I came in on my day off, just so I could meet her and hear what she had to say.

The first guest to arrive was Rubyyy Jones, burlesque artist and blogger. She won her copy of The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women on Twitter and I handed over her copy, which she opened with interest.

Rubyyy was very impressed with the contents list, which pretty much covers anything you’d ever want to know about orgasm.

The rest of the guests arrived before Mikaya, who'd fallen victim of the London tube closures. Guests were nervously shifting in their chairs and it struck me how vulnerable we all are - we might be brave enough to come to a class about the different ways women orgasm, but still, we are worried what 'others' might think.

Faking Orgasms

Once Mikaya arrived and started the discussion, the group relaxed and started asking questions. They shared private thoughts and feelings, and I was in awe of them. Telling a group of strangers that you have difficulty achieving orgasm is not easy. Most of the women in the group admitted to faking at some point or other - this is usually done to spare a partner’s feelings, but surely we are really cheating ourselves?

Mikaya talked us through couple of energy exercises, teaching us how to be 'present' in our bodies. I found it difficult and realised that I'm often not in touch with myself. I deliberately choose to chase after the next important thing on my to-do list, so rarely take time to appreciate the now. Mikaya told us that the art of touch is unlimited and I will bear this is mind. A couple of the other guests said they found the exercises calming.

Masturbating to Orgasm

It was an interesting afternoon, and I think we all found Mikaya to be warm and humorous. The one thing I do feel is missing though, both in the book and in the discussion, is the different ways women masturbate.  

Here at Sh!, we meet many women who simply don’t know how to touch themselves; they don’t know what feels good. I once came across an educational film of women masturbating an it was the most enlightening thing! I never knew there were so many ways, so many different ‘styles’.

All in all, I recommend the book to any/all women. I recognised myself in many of the various scenarios and comments, and after listening to the other women in the group, I know they will too. As it happened, every guest bought a copy of the book after the talk and I hope it is as enlightening to read for them as it was for me.

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