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Valentine's Day Vaginas

Valentine's Day Vaginas - Sh! Women's Store
Valentine's Day is almost upon us, but maybe you can't be bothered with chocolate, roses and Champagne. Single doesn't always mean ready to mingle, and not all couples are into the lovey-dovey stuff... So what do you do on Valentine's Day?

Here's an idea: celebrate vaginas!

According to a recent survey by The Eve Appeal, only a third of women are able to correctly label all the different parts of the female genitalia. (More worrying is the fact that 50% of men couldn’t even identify the vagina in a diagram!)
That’s why this Valentine’s Day the Royal Institution is hosting a talk on the science, history, and culture of the vagina in ‘Valentine’s Day Vaginas’.
The talk will feature five badass speakers who are all experts in their field: Gabby Edlin, Elaine Miller, Kate Lister, Alix Fox and Florence Schechter.

Kate Lister Kate Lister, one of the speakers said “I’m delighted to be speaking at the Royal Institution on the history of the C-Bomb.
The language we use to describe our bodies, and in particular our reproductive organs, exerts a powerful influence on how we think about our sexuality.
In this talk, I’ll be unpicking the history of the most heavily tabooed word in the English language and how it speaks to far more pervasive taboos around the vulva.”
Alix FoxAlix Fox who will also be speaking said “Suitably enough, my section of the talk will fly by the seat of its reinforced-gusset pants, taking audiences on a whistle-stop tour of some of the most unusual things that people have inserted inside their front bottoms, and examining the science, sociology and psychology behind their actions.
From cervical piercings to handfuls of sand, bundles of banknotes to potty teapot lids, I'll be chatting about some of the mind-bending things that have entered an opening owned by over half the population - and why it's so damaging and dangerous that so many of us are closed off about discussing it.”

Find Out More About The Speakers

Gabby EdlinGabby Edlin, founder of Bloody Good period which raises money to supply female sanitary products to refugees, asylum seekers and others that can’t afford them. Gabby will be discussing why we're so obsessed and appalled specifically by the blood that comes out of the vagina and how that reflects on society today.
Florence SchechterFlorence Schechter who, having discovered that there is a penis museum in Iceland and yet no vagina museum anywhere in the world, has made it her mission to create one in London. Florence will be talking about the public reaction to the vagina museum and facts and stories that the museum might include.
Kate Lister who curates the online research project ‘Whores of Yore’ will be discussing the reasons why one word in particular has become the most offensive in the English language.
Alix Fox is an ARIA award-winning broadcaster, journalist and sex educator. Host of The Guardian's 'Close Encounters' sex documentary podcast, in-house agony aunt on The Modern Mann show, and ambassador for Brook young people's sexual heath charity, her writing can be found in Marie Claire, Vogue, Grazia, Time Out and all decently indecent publications.
Elaine MillerElaine Miller who is a pelvic health physiotherapist and stand-up comedian will be discussing orgasms and how to improve them.
 All genders and sexualities are welcome. 

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