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Vibrating Breast Massager for Sexual Health & Wellbeing

Vibrating Breast Massager for Sexual Health & Wellbeing - Sh! Women's Store
At first we weren't hugely impressed with the Inspire Breast Massager. It looks a bit like something you might use to pad out your bra. Inspire Breast Massager can be used for some hands free stimulation when worn inside a bra, but that’s not its main purpose.

No, this breast massager is more about women’s well-being and sexual health. The vibrations from this massager can help increase blood flow and circulation, relieve stress, release toxins, and it may even help with soreness and tenderness, especially during hormonal changes.

CalExotics Massager wo remote control   Made from hypoallergenic and non-porous silicone, Inspire Breast Massager is phthalate-free and 100% body safe. It comes with a remote control cleverly disguised as a compact mirror, so can easily be switch on and off if you are out and about. The Vibrating Remote Massager can help relive actual physical discomfort that might arise from illnesses, age or other factors, and can be particularly useful in relieving mastitis. And if that weren't enough a portion of the proceeds will go to help a breast cancer charity.

Vibration Can Help Relieve Symptoms of Mastitis

For example; if you've given birth you might have experienced Mastitis .  It's quite common in the first three months after giving birth. Mastitis causes breast tissue to become inflamed and painful, whilst milk ducts become clogged. Non-breastfeeding women may develop a similar type of mastitis; this is called Periductal Mastitis. This is when ducts under the nipples become inflamed and infected.  It's a benign condition which can affect women of all ages, but is more common in younger women. For either of these conditions, it’s important that the mastitis gets treated as quickly as possible: an untreated duct can quickly lead to bacterial infection (ouch!).

Vibration Helps Increase Blood Flow and Relives Pain

CalExotics Breast MassagerPlacing Inspire Breast Massager under the breasts, where it sits comfortably inside the bra, allowing the vibration to help break down clogged ducts. The vibration will also increase local blood flow, thus helping inflamed tissue feel more comfortable. Inspire Breast Massager can offer significant help with scarring and sensitive breast tissue. The ergonomically curved, lightweight body forming breast massager fits comfortably inside a a bra. Scarring after injury, trauma or surgery can become overly sensitive. Vibe massage over scarring can help reduce sensitivity and loosen any adhesions to deeper structures, such as tendons and joints.

Vibration Speeds Up the Healing of Scar Tissue

Over-sensitivity occurs when the nerves in the skin and deeper tissues are affected by injury or surgery. The aim is to reduce sensitivity, and to help the skin and nerves become tolerant of everyday living. Vibration can help increase blood flow into the area, relieving pain and could also help speed up healing. However, we always recommend check with a Doctor before applying vibration to existing scar tissue.

Vibrating Breast Massager as a Sex Toy

Inspire Breast Massager also delivers thrilling sensations and 10 functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation, plus 5 independent speeds for each function. Breast play can help you to build arousal and enjoy new thrills. The massager can be worn in the comfort of you own home, or out and about if you fancy some thrilling titillation in public. The remote control, resembling an elegant compact mirror, works up to 16.5” inches away so no one will suspect what’s going on inside your bra if you hand over the remote to a partner...

CalExotics Remote Control

  A portion of the proceeds from the Inspire collection will go to the Living Beyond Breast cancer charity.

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