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T'is The Season for Sales!

T'is The Season for Sales! - Sh! Women's Store

Our Boxing Day & January Sale is here and we've got romantic gifts, thrilling vibes, and one or two items for kinky fuckery, if that's your thing, at discounted prices - up to 50% off, babes!

We've listed our favourite deals below - stock is limited so make sure you don't miss out by clicking that mouse as soon as you see something you like!


T'is the Season of Seduction

From Tease & Please comes Romantic Heart - a red hot game for two to play. Inside the heart-shaped box are over 100 tiny scrolls containing erotic challenges. Some tasks can be played immediately, others, like watching a romantic movie or preparing for an exciting surprise will lead to hot moments together at a later date. Was £12 - Now £8.40!

Dona Kissable Candle is one of our favourites - a scented candle and warm massage oil in one! Massage candles are very easy to use and they create a sensuous atmosphere in mere minutes. Light your candle and allow it to burn for a while to ensure plenty of kissable massage wax is created. Then extinguish the flame and carefully test the candle wax to ensure a comfortable temperature. Pour the oil onto your lover's skin and use your hands or chest/breasts to massage their naked skin, before kissing and licking your way around their body...

T'is the Season of Good Vibrations

If you're the organized type and want to save some money on birthday gifts over the coming year, this next deal is for you!

The Bijoux Indiscrets Horoscope Zodiac Signs Vibrator Set is a (mouthful!) gorgeous gift set for good friends. The set comprises three gifts presented in a white, triangular box: A necklace encasing a zodiac gemstone (lionhearted Leo's get a Carnelian and stylish Scorpios get an Opal), a warming-effect clitoral balm that increases pleasure and enhances orgasm, plus a super-cute finger vibe. Was £39 - Now £37.40!

If you prefer to treat yourself (quite right!), take a closer look at our Gold Finger Ring Vibrator. Slip this rose gold ring onto your finger and welcome King Midas to your clit! With 10 different speed settings and one strong level of vibration intensity, this toy does not beat around the bush – go get it! Was £44 - Now £26.40!

Love your satin-finish Doxy No3? You'll be BUZZIN' to hear that the attachments for this marvellous massager are discounted! Slip on one of these and your wand turns into a rabbit, a clit-flicker, or a prostate-seeking sauce-pot in seconds! Was £38 - Now £26.60!

T'is the Season of Kinky Fuckery

Domin8 Game lets you play with power and give in to temptation, the game where the winner takes OR gives all. Whatever your fantasy - playing control games with the person you love and trust is a great way of giving and receiving sexual pleasure while exploring exciting new activities together. Was £20 - Now £12!

A luxury sensory deprivation tool, this shaped blindfold is handmade from the softest leather in the Sh! Studio. A blindfold needs to be effective to stop peeping and our luxury blindfold is just that; shaped to curve around the eyes and nose and softly padded inside so it cuts out the light effectively, plunging the wearer into comfortable darkness. A blindfold allows the wearer to relax into heightened sensations. Was £25 - Now £17.50!

We usually say that blindfolding someone is the easy part - what you do next is what will have them under your spell, begging for more. The perfect pairing for our leather blindfold is this Fifty Shades Flogger. Begin by trailing the flogger's tails all over your partner's skin to tease their senses and let them get used to the feeling. When you're both comfortable, gently flick the fronds against an area of exposed skin. Listen to what your partner wants and gradually build up the pressure accordingly. Was £20 - Now £14!

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Chilly evenings and long dark nights are for staying in and getting to know each other a bit better. The Massage Seduction Game create greater intimacy and romance in relationships with massage and seduction techniques. Hands-on and erotic, this kit will ensure the night goes exactly the way you want it to... Was £20 - Now £14!

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