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Financial Director
Company Director and ChieTeam Sh! - Sophief Purse-Strings-Controller!
How long Been a Sh! Girl: All the years! Facilitating the company visionary!
Specialist knowledge: Finance, IT, Logistics, sex-toys and their manufacture.
Best Sh! Moment: Opening the doors of our best ever store in 1999
Fav Toy: Sh! Super Strapless, oh yeah!
Likes: Fast Cars, rich food, my garden, my creatures & aaaaaah my Mrs.
Dislikes: Bad service, bad drivers, rudeness, laziness and people who litter!
Dreams of....: Sh!'s first pink forklift truck loading deliveries for all over the world
Motto for Life: Do your best!

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30 Memorable Moments

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Thank You - We couldn't do it without you!
Thank You - We couldn't do it without you!

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