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The Joy Of Teen Sex - featuring Sh!

Last night's 'The Joy Of Teen Sex' was a great watch - and featured fantastic advice from our own lovely Sh! Girl, Joanna. If you're curious about the products mentioned, scroll down for more info. [caption id=" " align="alignleft" width="150"]Thick Water-based Lube Maximus Lube[/caption] Maximus Lube Maximus lubricant is a highly recommended lube for anal play - it's thick and gel-like which makes it long-lasting, and it's water-based so completely safe to used with condoms and toys. It's also glycerine free, so suitable for anyone with sensitivities, and for ladiez who find other lubes can cause yeast infections. And with a snazzy pump top, it can be applied single-handed... Naughty Boy Prostate Massager The Naughty Boy is a good vibrator for beginners who want to explore anal play and prostate's small and slim, easy to use, and has a powerful buzz that can thrill the prosate (or male G-spot) and perineum (the super-sensitive bit behind the balls). It's hands-free, too...leaving your hands available for other fun things... Sex Blindfold The Sex Blindfold is great for sensory deprivations...when you're blindfolded, every touch is accentuated, and anticipation makes it all that bit more intense! A wrap-around style blindfold made of super-soft nappa leather, the Sex Blindfold is one of Sh!'s very own goodies, handmade in our London HQ. It's great for bondage play and tie-and-tease style fun, and very comfy. Double Whip Joanna demonstrated how to dish out some punishment with a whip, and this is the one she was using. The Double Whip (also available in red) is thin and snappy, and lovely for those who enjoy sharper sensations. It's made of stylish plaited leather, split into two tails, and can be used for anything from very light teasing to serious punishment! [caption id=" " align="alignright" width="150"]Powerful Vibrating Bullet Sh! Bullet Vibe[/caption] Sh! Bullet The Sh! Bullet, another one of our very own toys, is a powerful mini vibrating bullet, and can be used very creatively by one or two people...a fantastic clit vibe, the Sh! bullet is also the power behind our vibrating strap-on dildos. Hummer Vibe The Hummer vibe, featured but not discussed, deserves a mention here because it's one of our recent best-sellers. With a G-spot curve at the tip and a fantastic humming-bird cit stimulator that hugs and buzzes the clit on all side, the Hummer is a great dual pleasure toy, and hiughly recommended as a starter vibe. Erotic Classes If the Sh! girl style of teaching appeals, the good news is we run erotic classes at our Hoxton store. We have seperate classes for ladiez only, and for gents and couples, and we cover lots of topics, so do keep an eye on our Classes page to see what's coming soon! 'The Joy Of Teen Sex' is back Next Wednesday at 10 - tune in for more hot products and Sh! words of wisdom.

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