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Ophoria Vibrators - New this week!

The Sh! Girlz have been sent a trio of very cute toys this week - three Ophoria Vibrators! We're very smitten with them, so we just had to share! [caption id="Ophoria Bliss 1 Vibrator" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Ophoria Bliss 1 Vibrator"]OPhoria Bliss Smooth Vibrator[/caption]The Ophoria Bliss Vibrators The Ophoria Bliss 1 and the Ophoria Bliss 3 are a gorgeous pair of luxury vibrators, ideal for a first vibe, or for ladiez who really like toys with a bit of girth! Thicker than most mini vibrators, the Ophoria Bliss vibes have sexy silicone bodies and nine settings - three speeds and six settings of pulsation - so they really do have something for everyone. The Ophoria Bliss 1 Vibrator is a sexy smooth toy in black, and it's both sensual and subtle. This is a great vibe if you want to introduce a partner to vibrator-play. The Ophoria Bliss 3 is uniquely textured and, and great for ladies who love a more bumpy ride (If you like the Wirly Girly, we think you'll love this)! [caption id="Ophoria G-Spot Vibrator" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Ophoria G-Spot Vibrator"]Ophoria G-Spot Vibrator[/caption]The Ophoria G-spot Vibrator The Ophoria G-spot vibe had the Sh! Girlz fascinated when it arrived. We think that for those who love serious G-spot play and female ejaculation, this is definitely the vibe for you! The deep G-spot curve, plus the curvy head, make this vibrator ideal for really firm G-spot play. The vibration's strong enough to give a really amazing sensation, and it can be used for G-spot massage even if you don't fancy vibration (or if you've run the batteries down ;) ) Add an extra-sexy silicone shaft, three speeds of vibration and six delicious pulse settings, and what's not to like? The Ophoria range are the the luscious luxury toys of the summer...they're in-store from Friday or available now on our website...

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