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O-Wand for O-rgasms

O-Wand for O-rgasms - Sh! Women's Store

Every so often a toy comes along that has the entire sex toy community talking - we'd read & heard lots of exciting things about O-Wand. We knew that O-Wand won a prestigious Red Dot Design Award earlier this year, and we'd heard sex bloggers rave about the amazing power and banging orgasms it offers.
It was clear we needed to take a closer look at this magic wand.
The kind peeps at O-Wand sent one over to Sh! HQ, and we assembled around Ops Manager Aphra as she opened the box  The box, by the way, was way bigger than we'd imagined...


The first thing that struck us was the sheer size of it! This is a serious piece of orgasm kit - measuring a whopping 13.25 inches in length and weighing in at 688g. (For comparison, this best-selling vibe measures 6 inches and weighs 70g.)
It boasts 11 settings and is fully waterproof (as long as you remove the charging cord).
O-Wand is made from platinum-grade silicone, making it body-safe and free from harmful chemicals.

Free Cap For Extra Pleasure

O-BurstThe head of the O-Wand is as smooth as a baby's bottom - it's made of silicone, after all - but for those who like to switch it up with a li'l bit of texture, each box includes a free attachment covered in soft bobbles, O-Burst.
Pop O-Burst on to the O-Wand, add a drizzle of your favourite water-based lube to the nodules and let the wand work its magic all over your body.
We've heard that the O-Burst cap is particularly good for working into aching muscles, but we have yet to try out that for ourselves.

Ease of Use

To make wielding easier, O-Wand features an ergonomically curved handle. This does make it easier to hold, for sure, but due to its heftiness we imagine it could be difficult to maneuver for someone who lacks strength in their wrists. If this is you, you could try straddling it instead.
O-Wand offers 12,000RPM at its highest setting so even if it is not directly on or by your clit, you'll still feel the vibrations in all places that matter. This makes it an excellent choice for women who find it difficult to orgasm, as the extra power is likely to push you over into climax. Just saying.

Internal Pleasure with O-Wand

The designers have thought of everything with this massager; not only do you get an additional cap for extra stimulation with your initial purchase, but you can buy extra tops depending on what kind of stimulation you fancy.
  • O-Spot
You can easily turn O-Wand body massager into a vibe for internal pleasure. Purchased separately, the O-Spot delivers targeted pleasure to G-spot & P-spots. Shaped like a large-sized finger, it curves over and stimulates your sweet spot with deep vibrations.
  • O-La-La
You'll be forgiven for asking of O-La-La is an exotic relative of the Teletubbies, but this sleek cup delivers much more than tubby-toast. The spherical form sensually surrounds the clitoral area, concentrating intense vibrations against the 8000 nerve-endings nestling there... Tubby-toast indeed!
  • O-Gasm
An attachment for penis-owners, O-Gasm turns O-Wand into a masturbator. Molding itself around the shaft, O-Gasm helps the user create the perfect pressure whilst the silky ribbing teases & pleases... Of course, adding a drizzle of water-based lube will only enhance the experience (this goes for the above-mentioned tops too).
O-Wand attachments
Thanks to their universal size, the attachments work on a number of wands including the Sh! Magic Wand.

Take O-Wand Travelling

Again, the designers of O-Wand has thought about everything - including what you might need if you want to take your buzzin' bud on holibobs.
O-Wand comes with a plug-in multi-pin recharging adaptor, making it easy for you to take your wand on travels. Your chosen pin clicks securely into its place on the plug, and can then be plugged into a suitable wall socket.
All we have to do now is try it out for ourselves...


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