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New Couples Toys at Sh!

We've got a couple of new shiny sex toys in stock here at Sh!; one for ladiez and one for gents', but they're both so versatile they'd make great couple's toys too!
[caption id="Lelo Siri" align="alignleft" width="150"]Pretty In Pink! Pretty In Pink![/caption]
The Lelo Siri
The Siri is the latest pleasure object from Lelo - and she's got a new, stronger motor for a better buzz! Ergonomically designed to work as a massager or external clitoral stimulating vibrator, the Siri is pretty in pink and sexy smooth. With a four-button controls, you can cycle through six patterns of pulsation and fully variable speeds, so she has a style of vibe for everyone! The Siri is, like all our lovely Lelo toys, rechargable and made of high-quality silicone and hard plastic. We think she's gorgeous!
[caption id="P2 from Laid" align="alignright" width="150"]P2 from Laid P2 from Laid[/caption]
P2 Cock Ring
The P2 Cock Ring is a hot cock ring for the fellahs - not only does it give his equipment a sexy squeeze to boost his erection and increase his sensitivity, but it gives perineum stimulation too. (The perineum is sometimes called a 'taint' in America, cause 't'aint his balls and 't'aint his bum - it's the super-sensitive bit in between!) With a little bit of added lube, the 'tail' of the P2 ring will give his perineum a little nudge with every move! Obviously the Sh! Girlz have also worked out what's in it for the ladiez, and we reckon you could wear the ring the other way round and use the 'tail' for clit stimulation during intercourse. Two things to note, folks - 1) Clean the toy thoroughly playing swapsies, and 2) Share nicely!
Both these gorgeous goodies are now available on our website and will be in our shops very soon!

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