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Have a Sexy Festival Season

The sun is starting to shine and the sultry smell of garden barbecues are in the air which can only mean one thing…festival season is upon us!
Pack up your tent, pull on your wellies and make sure you pop over to Sh! for travel-friendly products that will help ensure you have a Raunchy Reading, A Wild Wireless, a Loved-up Leeds and a gratifying Glastonbury (or wherever else you’re taking your lucky selves off to this year!).
The lighter you pack for a festival, the more comfortable the journey (plus it leaves more space for your beer!). This, sadly, means leaving your faithful toys behind during your stay. Not any more!!! We have some AMAZING products that offer you sublime satisfaction without taking up too much space in your backpack.
[caption id="attachment_23352" align="alignleft" width="200"]Lush Pure Lubricant £10 Lush Pure Lubricant £10[/caption]

Gents, meet your new best friend: The Willaboo (stop laughing, we’re serious!). Willaboo’s are an inflatable male masturbator that offers a completely personalized sensation. During inflation, the inner tubes become full, making for an incredibly tight squeeze that you can tailor to your needs. Then you simply add a generous squeeze of lube – Lush Pure is our personal favourite - and away you go! Best of all it’s body safe and completely disposable. No mess, no fuss!

As much as we would love to take our Rabbits and Wandsalong with us, sometimes it’s really just not practical. However, all that’s needed to replace those for your festival weekend is a quality Bullet vibrator and a sachet of ‘Tickle Her Pink’ for extra added tingles. We highly recommend our small but sweet Sh! Clit bullet, not just because of its handy pocket size, but because it packs a powerful punch too! In need of a little more variety? Our Dual Bullet Vibrator will deliver just that…TWICE. It has two strong buzzy bullets which you can use in many different ways. It’s perfect for dual clit and vaginal stimulation or, if you’re feeling generous, then it’s perfect to give both you and a partner a mutual thrill! It’s compact, quiet and looks a little bit like an MP3 player, so no one will need know your sexy little secret!
Finger and tongue vibrators are also fabulous festival accessories. They’re cheap, simple to use and will provide you with hours of fun in between your favourite band’s sets!
Now for something more practical than sexy: Ladies, we all know that queuing for the loo can be an absolute nightmare during festivals but, never fear, because we have the ultimate solution: The Shewee! It’s perfect for when you’re caught short as it’s small, compact and can be tucked in a bag or pocket - or in a handy Shewee case.
The most important thing if you’re planning on any sexy festival antics is to stay safe. You can never have too many Condoms and Dams packed with you.
We hope you all have a fantastic time this summer and remember: If you can’t be good, be careful...
Do you have anything special planned?
Any stories of saucy past festival glories?
Have any other toy ideas that are fun to take along?
Drop us a comment on the blog or on Twitter @shwomenstore

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