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Filthy Mouths & Evil Tongues Review

An evening of erotica at Sh! Women's Erotic Emporium - By Renee ( Store Manager)
Having met the 5 wonderful women who make up Filthy Mouths and Evil Tongues three months ago, I was looking forward to having them perform and read at Sh! (Actually, there are 6 of them, but The Whore of Babylon couldn’t make it!).
The day had been long, hot and busy – so a little light relief sounded good!
The Dragon Kings Daughter, Annie Player, Elizabeth N Spire, Devolicious and Meg Phillip all turned up early, looking glamorous in a variety of cleavage-busting and eye-popping outfits.
The pink bubbly was on ice, we had a mountain of French Fancies ready to be devoured and the amorous authors were in place ~ and as soon as the guests arrived, the fun started!
The Dragon Kings Daughter kicked off the evening by introducing her frisky friends, and then Elizabeth N Spire took to the floor; reading beautiful, sensual and seductive poetry with a cheeky glint in her blue eyes.
The couple in front of me started touching and stroking, which is usually a very good sign..! (These evenings are great foreplay by the way – you might want to go further, but you have to wait until you get home. Or – at least until you have left the shop!).
Elizabeth often chooses to have someone else read her poems on account of being dyslexic ~ but she decided to read, and do you know what: she was bloomin’ great!
The Dragon Kings Daughter read us a story about tights, to much laugher. Her writing is direct and punchy, and the delivery is always very entertaining! Her writing seems very ‘real’ – I can imagine her thinking, saying and doing the things she writes about, which makes it all the more fun!
Annie Player gave me the shivers, in a good way. Her calm voice washes over you like gentle, rhythmic waves, and her poems are incredibly rude but oh-so-seductive. She performed her party piece – the most amazing poem about a woman wanking… ;)
Devolicious, dressed in an Italian dress stolen from her mum’s wardrobe, reads ‘Rush Hour with Rhian – a hot story about a chance-encounter in one of London’s many tube stations. Devolicious, like her story, is humorous and sexy, and she finishes to rapturous applause.
Meg Phillips treats us to two stories; an encounter in a disabled toilet and another about giving a bus driver a blow job. It’s her first public reading, but you would never know – the girl is fabulous! She says that her stories are inspired by conversations with ‘someone she knows’ – we’d like to get to know this person too; he or she leads a fabulously filthy life! On a more personal note, what I really like about Meg’s stories is that they mention condoms – safe sex is hot sex!
The evening was finished off in filthy style – a sex text competition with a fabulous Sh! Goodie Bag. The only problem was the lack of sexy texts…until The Dragon Kings Daughter realized that the wrong number had been promoted! Someone had been receiving dirty texts all night – but it weren’t an Amorous Author! She sent off an apologetic text to the (wrong) number – but as the person hadn’t complained, I think he or she was having a great time receiving all the texts! Problem solved, and one of the guests left with a yummy goodie bag. ;)
*You* can join the Filthy Mouths over at Sh! in December – it’s a great night, and I promise you’ll have fun!
Keep an eye on our website for details.

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