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Get a FREE Silicone Dildo!

Get a FREE Silicone Dildo! - Sh! Women's Store

Deal of the Day:

Buy a Sh! Thigh Harness and receive a Wirly Girly 1 Silicone Dildo for FREE!

Our own-brand Thigh Harness straps a dildo to your thigh for leg-trembling fun!

thigh-harnessThe Sh! Thigh Harness fastens securely and comfortably with an elasticated strap, threaded through two large D-rings & doubled back onto Velcro. The harness is designed to fit any size of thigh, and is very easy to use. It offers an alternative to the hip-shaking bump & grind movement of a conventional strap-on, and many women find operating a thigh harness easier, and sometimes more natural, than a strap on harness on their hips.

Buy a Sh! Thigh Harness today and receive a FREE Wirly Girly 1 Silicone Dildo!

Cute and dinky, Wirly Girly 1 is the smallest dildo in our range and it’s particularly popular for newcomers to anal play. The thin, ribbed body offers sexy sensations to sensitive nerve endings in the anal canal, and as it's a shortie, you needn't worry this dildo ever go 'too deep'.

Wirly Girly is our range of slim/thin dildos which have a gentle, swirly shape that provide subtly ribbed sensations. Wirly Girly 1 is hand poured from medical grade silicone, phthalate-free and very easy to clean.

Tip: Ensure you use a good waterbased lubricant with your Wirly Girly 1, like our paraben-free Lush Pure+.

Let us know you want the free Wirly Girly 1, along with your purchase of a Thigh Harness by sending us a Happy Birthday message in the comments box of your order!

This offer is valid today only (April 15th). Check back tomorrow for a hot new deal!

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