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AnnaKarenina Corsets

AnnaKarenina Corsets - Sh! Women's Store

AnnaKarenina Corsets for one night only...

AnnaKarenina couture and corsetry is one of the few remaining corset ateliers that only creates custom corsets. Each corset that leaves the workshop is one of a kind. Custom corsets are made to measure, which means that the corset becomes an exaggeration of your specific body shape. A corset can pull you in for a tiny wasp waist, push your breasts up, hide them or create them. But a custom corset is never uncomfortable. All of AnnaKarenina corsets consist of a minimum of three layers of fabric and all are steel boned using a variety of bone shapes and steels. Moreover, a corset can consist of 8 to as many as 24 panels.
Anna Karenina CorsetsThe process of ordering an AnnaKarenina corset takes up to a number of weeks, depending on the complexity of design and the material. Every corset starts with a design consultation and a charcoal drawing of the corset you want. Then, there are measurements, fittings and the creation of a mock up to make sure the corset design and fit are perfect. Finally, the corset will be put together, possible embellishments will be stitched on and eventually your corset will be ready for you to pick up in an AnnaKarenina corset case.
There are many reasons for purchasing a corset and, indeed, many different women and men, those between and beyond have found their way into the AnnaKarenina workshop. Some clients wish to tap into the atmosphere that surrounds corsetry, to give a special air to their wedding or a big night out. Others engage with corsetry in a more invested manner, through waist training, gender bending prosthetics or specific performance pieces.
Corsets are overtly sexual, heavily fetishized and potentially subversive objects. Through wearing a corset your body is transformed, modified, through steels, fabrics and bones, but mostly through the imagination of what you want your body to be.
On the 30th of May AnnaKarenina will be at the Sh! Loyalty Card Holders Party with a collection of corsets for you to try on, to feel what a custom corset feels like and, of course, to answer all your corset related questions and take bookings for a personal design consultation.

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