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Bound to Please Wax Play Candle Black

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100% Soya Bean Wax Warm-Drip Wax Candle for Kinky Play

Bring heat into the bedroom!

Explore the incredible sensations of temperature play

Create a visually exciting experience with dripping wax

Play solo or with a kink-curious partner

Candle length: 4.75 inches


Tie me up and make me melt with Bound to Please Hot Wax Candle!

Wax play candles are popular with kinky folks who enjoy temperature play and creating beautiful splash patterns on naked skin.

Perfect for beginners to wax-play. Super-easy to use and suitable for anyone curious about exploring temperature sensations offered by dripping wax.

Bound to Please Wax Play Candle are fantastic for bringing extra heat into the bedroom.

Simply light a candle then have fun drizzling the molten hot wax onto your partner. A sure fire way to tempt, tease and seduce your partner into complete submission to your every whim

Giving flickers of pleasure with every hot drop, you can be assured that the melted wax is entirely body safe so you can concentrate on thoroughly enjoying the sensations!

Made from Soya Bean Wax.

The hot wax delivers a burst of sensation when dripped onto naked skin. The wax cools, then hardens, and is easy to remove without ripping fine hairs off the skin.

How to Use Bound to Please Wax Play Candle:

Light the candle and wait for the wax to start dripping. Test-drip on the back of your hand or your arm to make sure the temperature is ok.

Hold the candle a minimum of 36 inches from the skin to allow the hot wax to cool slightly before contact with naked skin.

The closer the candle is to the skin, the hotter the drip will be. Go slow and let the receiver decide how hot (or cool) they prefer their drips.

Ensure not to hold the candle too close to your body while dripping in order to prevent burns. This naturally also applies to the wick, if (a lot of) candle wax is dripped, the wick will become longer. For safety reasons, please cut it shorter.

Note: When used on sensitive skin, burning or a skin reaction can occur. It is therefore important to test the hot wax in advance. Do this by gently dripping a drop of wax, from a sufficient distance, onto the skin to see if a sensitive reaction occurs. This candle is not suitable for use on intimate zones, the navel or the face.

Please note: Never leave burning candles unattended.

For an erotically immersive experience, <a href="">blindfold</a> your playmate. This allows them to relax into the sensations without distractions...

Recomended for: Temperature & Kinky Play

Made with Soya Bean Wax
Candle Length: 4.75 inches / 12 cm,
Candle Circumference: 5.5 inches / 14.25 cm

Warning: Can be very hot when in use. Avoid sensitive areas such as face, intimate areas & navel.

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