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Blow Each Other Away

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By Jaiya

A playful guide to liberating oral sex from the author of Red Hot Touch. Including how to give your partner her most mind-blowing orgasm, to adventurous new oral positions to try out with your man, Blow Each Other Away will quickly become your favorite new bedside companion.

How can a book on going down change someone's life? How can having great oral sex be as important as having great intercourse?

The truth is that oral sex can actually be the key to unlocking sexual confidence, excitement, and intimacy. With the increasing prevalence of oral sex in the media and news (thanks, politicians and the MTV generation!), more people are looking to take their oral game to the next level.

Unfortunately, shame, fear, and discomfort can stand in the way of a truly outstanding oral sex life. That's where author and sex therapist Jaiya comes in.

Blow Each Other Away is the ultimate guide for couples to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of incredible oral sex, from an author on the front lines of sex therapy and sexual wellness.

A sneak peek between the covers of 'Blow Each Other Away': One of the biggest enemies to a singer and an oral lover is tension: jaw tension, tongue tension, neck and shoulder tension, and (believe it or not) pelvic floor tension too. In many of my singing classes, we were given exercises to help us have an awareness of tension and ways to release tension. The first step is to notice possible tension. Are you clenching your teeth? Are your shoulders up around your ears? Is your tongue curled up in your mouth? I asked Andy to think about giving oral sex to Lara while doing the following exercise. I wanted to help him notice if he was already tense, and if he could tense more and then let go completely. As you do this exercise, I want you to do more than notice tension, I want you to also notice what it feels like to be completely relaxed. Exercise: The Tension Tester. To test your tension, try this exercise by actually tensing these areas mentioned below. Tense each specific area as you take a nice deep breath, and then relax as you exhale. Take a moment to notice your body when you complete all the areas mentioned.

Author: Jaiya Publisher: Three Rivers Press Publishing date: 2013

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