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DEA-Free Water Based Lube

Our collection of DEA-Free Water Based Lube chosen by women. Water based lube is best 'all-rounder' lubricant; easy to wash from bed sheets and compatible with ALL sex toys. We carry organic lube, vegan lube, Paraben-free lube and more! Read our advice about lube to find out why lubricant enhances all sex play, together or solo...

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3 of 22 products

3 of 22 products

Water-Based Lube FAQ's

'Water-based' means that a lube is water-soluble. The main ingredient is water. Water-based lube dissolves and rinses off with plain water.

ALL kinds of intimate play! Water-based is the best because it's fine to use with all sex toys and condoms, and washes easily away.

Water-based lubricants are the safest option when choosing a lube. Studies find water-based lubes cause little or no irritation, whilst increasing sexual pleasure. We say - always do patch test on arm before applying on delicate bits.

NO. Saliva can upset vaginal pH balance, leaving you susceptible to bacterial vaginosis or a yeast infection. Also, any STI in the mouth or throat can be passed on via saliva.

Yes. Your bottle of water-based lube will have an expiration date or a symbol to show how long it will last after opening. Paraben-free water-bases lube is more body-friendly, but the shelf life is shorter (12 months), compared to lubes with paraben preservatives (24 months).

Glycerin has been found to be the biggest culpit for causing thrush or yeast infection - if you're prone, take a look at glycerin-free lubes for the safest option.

Sh! Pure Lube & Sh! pure Plus Lube Water-Based Lubes for Sex

Why Use Water-based Lube?

Keeping a bottle of lube by your bed is both liberating and sex-enhancing!

Lube takes away any worries about not being wet enough whilst adding a delicious slide to every type of sex.

Lube ensures all moves are sensually friction-free, no matter how long your sex-sesh lasts ;)

Out of all the different kinds of lubes available, water-based lube is THE most popular choice.

Whether paraben-free, glycerine-free, organic or vegan whichever water-based lube you choose, it will share the same following characteristics:

  • Safe to use with condoms and other latex barriers.
  • Washes away easily (from your body and your bed sheets)
  • Suitable for all kinds of sex and can be used with all sex toys.
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