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Stainless Steel quiet Vibrators

Our collection of Stainless Steel quiet Vibrators chosen by women.

Vibrators 'oscillate' (jiggle;) thousands of times per minute, delivering thrilling intensity, and never tiring (so long as they're powered-up;) Each vibe we choose is body-safe and body-pleasing to boost your orgasm. Explore our vibrator advice to discover your perfect vibe, whether you're buzzing solo or with a partner.

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Vibrator FAQ's

A vibrator is a simply a sex toy with a small motor inside that makes the toy, well - vibrate! Vibrators come in many forms, but are essentally designed to pleasure the main errogenous zones, so there's clit vibes and clit suckers, to pleasure the clit and g-spot vibrators to pleasure the g-spot and so on... Solo or as a couple, vibrators are great sexual discovery toys and brilliantly orgasmic!

How you use a vibrator is down to personal preference - there are no hard and fast rules! Most women (80%+) need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, so using a vibe on or around the clit is what most vulva-owners prefer. It's good to go slow and discover all the different different sensations your vibrator offers...

The main reason why you should buy a vibrator is that it feels GOOD! Vibes make orgasms more reliable and they never tire, so it doesn't matter how long you take to get off. Vibrators also increase blood flow, supercharge arousal & desire and help tone PC Muscles for great sex :)

Rest assured - we DON'T stock ANY vibrators made from PVC Jelly (a potentially hazardous sex toy material). ALL our vibes are body-safe. Can a vibrator cause damage or loss or sensitivity? Nope. Vibrators are not harmful if used correctly. That means cleaning it properly, using lube ( water-based lubricant is best) and being gentle/respectful to your pink bits.

Sex toy cleaner gets into a vibrator's nooks and crannies best. Spritz on generously (before and after play) then wipe or rinse off with warm water. Alternatively, wash your vibes with antibacterial hand wash and warm water.

Leave to air dry before storing your vibrator in a fluff-free place, away from direct heat.

Yes. In fact we encourage it! Choosing and using a vibrator together enhances both intimacy and pleasure. Vibrators can help close the orgasm gap as 80+% of vagina-owners are unable to orgasm through penetration alone. What type of sex toys couples enjoy is obviously personal, but some fab couples vibrators are bullet vibes (discreet, non-threatening) remote vibrators (playful, hands-free), app-controlled vibes (esp for long distance relationships), vibrating cock rings (added clitoral stimulation during penetration) and intercouse vibrators (added clit & g-spot stimulation during penetration)... but any vibrator can be fun for two!

Yes! Rest assured that we are the model of discretion. Sh! parcels are completely discreet. (for international deliveries, there must be a customs declaration saying what is in the parcel - we've found creative ways to be as discreet as possible;)