Placeholder Q&A: Is it safe to insert an egg anally?
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Q&A: Is it safe to insert an egg anally?

Q&A: Is it safe to insert an egg anally?

My partner and I have a lot of fetishes around monsters and sci-fi scenarios. We like to enact her being ravaged by fantastic beasts and I enjoy simulating the sensations by dressing up and using toys and props.

One thing we’re interested in is simulating her being impregnated by an alien egg. I’d like to use an actual egg but I’m wondering if it would be safe to insert a cool peeled, hardboiled, egg anally? I know it doesn’t have a flared base but surely it would break down rather than get lost? What do you think about this? A.


What an eggstra-special question - your fantasy scenarios sound like eggcellent fun!

There are a few things to consider here.

Never having tried this trick ourselves, we are not quite sure how feasible inserting an egg into the anus would be. Just getting a peeled egg past the strong sphincter could prove tricky. Add a generous lashing of lube to said egg and you’ll have a scrambled mess on your hands.

For this fantasy to work well and not end with an untimely visit to A&E and/or seriously flatulence, we’d recommend using a safe anal toy instead.

The Fun Factory B-Ball Uno could work wonderfully well. It has an inner Ben Wa ball that jiggles with movement, and one could imagine this is similar to the feeling of an ‘alien baby' moving around inside.

It is probably best to leave the actual eggs for afterwards – you may well feel hungry after all that fun!

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Love, Team Sh! xx

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