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Happy Mother's Day! - Sex after Pregnancy

Happy Mother's Day! - Sex after Pregnancy
It's almost Mother's day and we at Sh! thought the nicest thing we could do for all the mums out there would be to make sure they are still having great sex!
So we we're giving you a quick guide to sex after pregnancy and particularly, pelvic floor exercises.
Pregnancy changes the body in all sort of ways. After having a baby, it's not unusual for women to feel their vagina is more loose or dryer than usual, and have perineal pain or pain during sex.  Dryness can be caused by reduced oestrogen levels compared to when you were pregnant and can be more marked if you are breastfeeding. The dryness should pass with time but till it does, the best solution is lots of lovely lube. Lube might also help with pain during sex but it takes different people differing times to heal and you may want to talk to a doctor if you are experiencing pain.
One of the things you can do both before and after giving birth, that will be helpful is pelvic floor or Kegal exercises.  A toned pelvic floor muscle can decrease the chances of tearing during labour as well as helping you to recover more quickly afterwards.

What is the PC Muscle?

The pubococcygeus muscle, or PC muscle for short, is actually a sling of muscles that support the pelvic floor, circling around your genitals and tail bone in a figure of eight shape.
Everybody has a PC muscle - women and men. It contracts involuntarily when you have an orgasm. The PC muscle is not exactly an erogenous zone in the usual sense, but if you strengthen and exercise your PC muscles outside the bedroom and consciously flex your PC muscles during sex - it will enhance every sexual experience you have, so that's another reason to keep yours toned.
PC exercise also help with repairing tightness lost to childbirth and keeping stress incontinence at bay, a possible consequence of pregnancy, childbirth and general aging.

Before you can exercise it,  first you need to locate the PC muscle.

Do this by halting the flow of pee midstream. Try not to tense any other muscles (like your thighs, back or stomach). If you want to be absolutely sure, if you slide a finger up your bum  whilst squeezing your PC muscle, you will feel the contraction.

How to exercise your PC Muscle .

PC muscle exercise is also known as "kegel exercise" or "Kegels".
They can be done any time, anywhere; on the daily commute,  or school run, whilst doing the ironing or just while watching the telly...
Anytime you have a spare few minutes can be put to good PC muscle practice, though be aware you may, at first, pull slight face grimaces as you concentrate,  so perhaps not during a meeting with the boss or lunch with the in-laws!
Sh!-Silicone-Love-BallsSh! Silicone love Balls £18

You don't need any essential kit but it can be useful, as well as pleasurable, to have something inside to squeeze against.
For women, love balls worn inside the vagina are the simplest toys for this.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Never put love balls up the bum as they are not safe for anal play and can get lost.

4 Step PC Muscle Exercise program

  1. Contract and relax your PC muscle 25 times, twice a day.
  2. Once you can easily contract/relax your PC Muscle 25 times, move up to doing it 50 times, again twice a day
  3. Once you've mastered that, go back to doing 2 x 25, but this time holding each squeeze to a count of 3.
  4. Work back up to 50, twice a day.

If you follow this routine, we promise you will have a PC muscle worthy of a MS Universe trophy!

 PC Mucles Flexing and Breathing

Work at your Kegel Exercises daily, each time trying to improve on both how many, and how long, you can hold the contraction. Try to co-ordinate your breathing in tune with the contraction so that you inhale as you squeeze tight.
If you have any questions about Kegal exercises or sex after pregnancy send them to

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