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Sh! Christmas Gift Guide

Sh! Christmas Gift Guide - Sh! Women's Store

Christmas seems to have rolled around quicker than ever and if you're anything like us, you'll be busier than a beaver building a dam. Searching high & low for the perfect present takes time, but fear not - we've got your back...

Here is our festive Christmas Gift Guide!

Treat Yourself to a Christmas Gift!

Yes, babe – you deserve a little something yourself. It’s called self-love. Or self-care. Or something like that… We don’t need a particular reason for treating ourselves (and neither should you!). Here are our top tips for self-treating this Christmas.

Merry Clitmas Suction Snowman is festive and seasonally-appropriate. Melting hearts everywhere, this sex toy is a true gentleperson who always lets you come first! Dressed in a red hat & scarf, Snowman offers 10 levels of intense suction to take your pleasure higher and higher simply by pressing a button.

Come As you Are by Emily Nagoski – already a classic for sex-positive folks. This book takes everything you know about sex and turns it on its head – Nagoski debunks myths surrounding sexuality, performance and preconceived notions of “normality” and you’ll come away armed with confidence and knowledge.

Feeling good about yourself is one of our best self-love tips. When you feel great, you look great! How about a lush bath with sensuous oil to make you feel fantastic? This bath oil features a 4% blend of essential oils in Sweet Almond with a touch of emulsifier added to help the oil disperse in the bath. Depending on your personal preference, you can expect up to 12 uses from a bottle. Just add a glug under running taps for an inexpensive bath time treat that will make you feel 100%! 

If you feel like really treating yourself, we recommend taking a peek at the Crave Vesper vibrating necklaces – stylish accessory by day, hot sex toy by night... (And we should mention it travels really easy - just pop it around your neck!)

a hand holding a Crave Vesper vibrator necklace


Useful Christmas Gifts For Family Members

A sex toy website may not be the first place you think of when shopping for the family but bear with us. We have cute and useful gifts that’ll no doubt be appreciated by sisters, brothers and aunts!

For eager elves trying to avoid the over-familiar stocking fillers like socks and ties, a Sh! gift voucher is a great option. Not just any gift card, but one to spend in our online sex shop! You can choose from amounts between £10 – £100 to gift the most memorable present of the year!

Mooncups transform periods. The cups are reusable, body-safe and easy to use. Be aware that there are two different sizes with "regular" for those who have given vaginal birth or aged over thirty. The "small" size is for those under 30 who haven't given vaginal birth. Both eco and purse-friendly: A Mooncup lasts for up to a decade!

a pair of brown-skinned hands with neat, short nails holding a mooncup


Spoil That Special Someone This Christmas

We have plenty of options for gifting that special someone. Whether they have a penis or a vulva, read on for some of our festive ideas to get your gift-giving juices flowing.

Luxe Christmas Gifts

So, you want to go all out? Good for you! Womanizer Premium Eco suction toy is wrapped in a pretty, discreet design and sealed with a powerful air pressure function that feels so good it almost brings a tear to our eyes. You really can’t go wrong with this one. It also happens to pair up nicely with the glass dildo we mention in the next bullet point…

Otherwise, The Fun Factory Manta is shaking with anticipation to show your favourite penis some sensual TLC. In a super soft silicone, this rechargeable toy has wings that enclose the erect member. What’s clever about this unusual vibrating stroker are the grooves it features on the inner wings. These grooves add an extra layer of textured sensation whilst ensuring lubrication can weather the storm if you add a squeeze beforehand.

womanizer eco in prety pink, held by a hand wit no nail varnish

Mid-Price Christmas Thrills

This pink glass dildo is shaped perfectly for G-spot stimulation. Whether glass toys are your partner’s favourite or if they’ve never tried one before, this little dipper is truly divine. You can warm it up a little using warm water or cool it down by popping it into the fridge before use to add an extra kick. With some lube and a “come hither” motion, the lucky owner’s G-spot tissue will soon be juiced up and ready to party.

Another feverishly good potential prezzie presents itself in the form of the penis-pleasuring Tenga Spinner. A silicone sleeve masturbator with added grooves and bumps – sexy and functional.

A hand massaging a Tenga Spinner on a clear pole


It's the Thought That Counts

An arousal oil like the ON Ultra will most definitely put a smile on your partner’s face (providing they own a vulva). A small drop on the clit and its 8,000 nerve endings will be quivering in delight. Made from natural oils and essences, the ON Ultra Arousal Oil, funnily enough, smells like Christmas.

Another bestseller amongst penis owners and their partners; the cheap and cheerful Tenga Egg. We have several eggs on offer, each with a different texture, that should last a few uses. 

ON natural arousal oil

Please Yourselves

Why only be a giver when you can receive at the same time. Find a toy to enjoy together and gift yourselves more quality time!

Make it a night to remember with We-Vibe’s Moxie. In a velvety-soft silicone and discreet magnets to hold it in place, slip this vibe safely into your favourite pair of undies before date night. Your partner can control it remotely via the We-Vibe app. Fun! 

Where board games meet eroticism, we give you the highly innovative Sex O Chess. It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice to the game or an experienced player, this version of check-mating will bring out your competitive side.

For a calming and sultry gift, try one of these Dona Sensual Massage Oils. There’s peppermint and eucalyptus, mandarin and ylang-ylang or lavender and Tahitian vanilla to smother yourselves in.

A sexy game of chess

Asking for a Friend

Fun and frisky presents to show how much of a considerate friend you are:

Discreet Lipstick vibrator as the buzzy benefits of a vibe without the obvious looking design. Itlooks almost nothing like a sex toy! So, if one of your pals is a bit shy on the throbbing dildo side, or if they have a few little noses regularly poking around their stuff who absolutely shouldn't find sex toys, this thrilling lipstick is their soulmate.

For a hun who likes a bit of sparkle, then why not gift them a Rainbow Prism bullet vibe to help them get off? Prism is glitzy, glamorous and gloriously pleasurable… Two birds, one stone!


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