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5 Rabbits to Keep You Company This Easter

5 Rabbits to Keep You Company This Easter - Sh! Women's Store

The rabbit is one of the most iconic sex toys of all time, in part thanks to it featuring on Sex & the City. But did you know, Sh! actually played a part in creating the icon?

Discovers Jessica Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbits have come a long way since then and are still a firm favourite with Sh! customers. With the dual stimulation of both an internal shaft and an external arm, it is easy to see why rabbit vibrators are so popular. Perfect for those seeking a blended orgasm (an orgasm from both clitoral and G-Spot stimulation), rabbits are also great for those just starting out exploring G-Spot pleasure as the clitoral stimulation will help with arousal and engorge not just the clitoris but the G-Spot too, making it much easier to target. Even if you aren’t particularly looking for internal pleasure, some womxn find that when they play with their clitoris, they will reach a point of arousal which makes them crave penetration and, of course, rabbits are a fantastic toy to help satisfy this craving, as you get the penetration and the continued clitoral pleasure, all in one toy.

The one downside to rabbits is that they are not one size fits all. With our anatomy all being slightly different, it can be that the rabbit that works perfectly for one person, will be a complete bust for someone else. With so many different shapes and sizes of rabbits though, even if you have tried one and not fallen in love with it, there will be one out there for you.

Plus it is almost Easter; the time of year most associated with rabbits, so it really does make this the perfect time for a new pet bunny vibe. But which to choose? Well, these are 5 of our favourite rabbit vibrators at the moment.

The Classic – Sh! Waterproof Rabbit

How could we not have the classic rabbit on our list? Our Waterproof Rabbit is the image people conjure up in their minds when they think of the rabbit vibrator. 

Our rabbit gives you the traditional bunny ears style clitoral stimulation. Place your clitoris between the two ears or place both on your preferred side for power where you want it most.

At a little over 2 fingers in size, this toy is not too intimidating for those looking for their first insertable toy. The rows of metal beads rotate in the opening to your vagina, stimulating those often forgotten, highly pleasurable nerve ending. The tip of the toy swirls against your G-Spot, applying the pressure G-Spots often enjoy the most. And if you are getting a little to use to the sensation? Hit the reverse button to change the direction of your toy. Sounds like it shouldn’t make much difference, but trust us, it does!

Finding that the clitoral stimulation overpowers the internal stimulation too quickly? This toy not only has 3 speeds but also has 9 patterns to experiment with. The controls are completely independent of each other (and it’s nice and easy to work out what controls what!) so you can really tailor your masturbation session. All in a toy that costs £25! Oh, and it is completely waterproof! All you need is 3 AAA batteries to get started.


Ride the Wave– Regina Wave

One of the most commonly suggested methods for G-Spot stimulation is the “come hither” method. This is where you use one or two fingers in a motion like you are beckoning someone over. It is definitely a great technique, but can sometimes be a little difficult by yourself to get the right depth and pressure, and keeping the movement going all at once. Enter the “wave” style of rabbits, which give you a mechanical version of this movement.

If you are looking to experiment with this, our Regina Wave Rabbit is a brilliant choice. Both the internal arm and vibrating bunny ears are controllable separately using the two buttons on the front of the toy.

The internal shaft is around 3 fingers at the biggest point and has ridges to increase the sensations. The clitoral arm has the 2 bunny style ears that are flexible enough to position them where you need them but firm enough to stay in place and not lose the all-important clitoral contact.

If you have used rabbits or G-Spot toys before and found that vibration doesn’t do a lot of your G-Spot, the Regina’s motion may be the perfect solution for you.

For Those That Love it Deep and Powerful – Fun Factory Lady Bi

Beads and motion are all well and good but sometimes you just want pure vibration and that is exactly what the Lady Bi gives you.

Unlike many rabbits, the Lady Bi is for deep penetration. Sliding straight past the G-Spot, this rabbit reaches for the A-Spot (anterior fornix), a pleasurable area just below the cervix.

The internal arm provides lovely low rumbly vibrations that spread through the vagina and stimulate the internal parts of your clitoris. The clitoral arm has a higher-pitched, more buzzy, vibration that stimulates the exposed part of the clitoris. Higher pitched vibrations generally only stimulate the surface areas they are touching, rather than spreading through the entire clitoral structure. By having the buzzier clitoral arm combining with the rumblier internal arm, you get amazing stimulation without overpowering your most sensitive pleasure spots! Controllable independently, you can get your perfect vibration combination.

Make no mistake, this is probably the most powerful rabbit we sell!

Tapered at the tip to make insertion a little easier, this rabbit is around 4 fingers at the widest part, giving an amazingly full feeling. This is no small little bunny, this is definitely a fully grown rabbit!

Lady Bi Vibrator

Something a Little Different – Embrace Rabbits

Ok, we are cheating a little here and including two rabbits in this entry, but we just could not choose between them!

This pair of fantastic rabbits each has two separately controllable functions; they vibrate and they have a moving ball for a very different kind of stimulation.

At a little over 2 fingers in size, these rabbits aren’t big and provide something a little different from many toys on the market.

If you love the feeling of having both an insertable part and some clitoral stimulation but have yet to find a rabbit that gives you quite the right types of stimulation in the right places, these rabbits are definitely worth a look.

Most rabbits have vibration in the clitoral part of the toy but not every vulva owner actually enjoys vibration on their clitoris. If this is you (or even if you like vibration but are bored of it), the purple Embrace Rabbit could be a really great option. The vibration is concentrated on the internal shaft with the ball targeting the clitoris with firm up and down motion.

However, if you are one of the people who find vibration ineffective on their G-Spot, the pink Embrace Rabbit might be right up your street. The pink rabbit has the traditional style flexible vibrating ears, but has the ball on the internal shaft, again providing pressure in an up and down motion but this time on your G-Spot.

We love how simple these rabbits look; completely non-intimidating and just so user friendly. Yet, they are really different from so many others out there that they make a great choice not just for rabbit lovers but for those looking to add something a little unique to their sex toy collections.

It’s all in the Ears – Tiny Teaser Bunny

Even if you don’t fancy the internal shaft of a rabbit, you don’t have to miss out on the bunny ears fun. This small, cute toy is perfect for clitoral stimulation as well as nipples, labia lips and pretty much any other external hot spot!

The ears can be placed on either side of the clitoris, helping you locate the most sensitive areas.


With a single button control, the Tiny Teaser bunny has three speeds, making it perfect to build up gently to orgasm or simply just to tease yourself or your partner. With no internal shaft and its compact size, this toy is also great to use during penetrative sex

The silicone head is removable making cleaning an absolute doddle. It is also only a little larger than most bullet vibrators so perfect for taking away with you or just easy to stash away in your drawer.


These are our current top picks but if one of these doesn’t whet your appetite, we have a great range of other rabbit vibrators that you can check out on the Sh! website. If you do need help choosing the right rabbit for you, please do get in touch as we are always happy to help.

Don’t forget to add a generous drizzle of your favourite water-based lube (silicone-based lubes will damage these toys).

Other than the Sh! Waterproof Rabbit, all the rabbits we have featured as USB rechargeable and, of course, come with their charging cable (as all the rechargeable toys we sell do).


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