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New Ceramic Dildos from Lovemoiselle

[caption id="Lovemoiselle Aveline" align="alignleft" width="150"]Aveline Ceramic Dildo Lovemoiselle Aveline[/caption] It's very rare for the Sh! Girlz to encounter a new toy material - but this week we've received a whole new range of ceramic dildos, and we're very impressed! The Lovemoiselle range are really gorgeous. They're made from extra-tough ceramic, which is specially treated so it's very strong and completely non-porous. They're incredibly smooth and sensuous, and they warm up or cool down very quickly, so you can play with temperature as well as sensation. [caption id="Lovemoiselle Noemie" align="alignright" width="150"]Noemie Ceramic Dildo Lovemoiselle Noemie[/caption] The solidness of the ceramic material is also great for really firm stimulation and thrilling sensations (especially with lots of Lush lube!) The Aveline in particular, a gently curving G-spot toy - is amazing for those who like firm G-spot play, or who are exploring the G-spot and female ejaculation. Firmer pressure is fantastic for this and the Aveline ceramic dildo is great for firm stimulation! [caption id="Lovemoiselle Elodie" align="alignleft" width="150"]Elodie Ceramic Dildo Lovemoiselle Elodie[/caption] The Elodie is a simple and classic design, with straight lines and a very fulfilling shape - and we're very smitten with the cute little flower decoration too! And not only can the ceramic dildos be warmed or cooled with water - they can be filled with water to change the temperature! The Noemie is a gorgeous curvy dildo (reminds us a little of our very own Cupid 3) and is fantastic to practise PC excercises on. It's always great to practise your squeezes on a harder toy (glass dildos are also fantastic for this) and these ceramic dildos are both smooth and solid, so they're ideal to practise on - as well as lots of fun! The Lovemoiselle ceramic dildo range are elegant, sexy, and innovative - we reckon they'll soon become firm favourites!

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