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Festival must-haves to pack this year

Festival must-haves to pack this year - Sh! Women's Store
So, you’re heading to a festival and searching for those must-have items that need to go in your backpack. You’ve found all the usual essential items – cleaning wipes, waterproof jacket, and tent decorations you can spot amid the sea of others – but we’ve got a few must-haves you probably haven’t come across yet but definitely need to make room for and guarantee a weekend you’ll always remember.
Here at Sh! our must-have items to pack means you can tackle the dreaded festival loos and spice up your evenings (and days!) once the closing acts have left the stage. So, whether you’re heading to one of the iconic British festivals, such as Glastonbury or Isle of Wight, or one of the more obscure and niche options, you know that you’ll have just what you need.

Make nipping to the loo easy

When you think of festivals, plenty of great things spring to mind. But the state of the toilets and facilities after thousands have used them over the weekend is always in the back. Our essential items mean you can stroll confidently into the loo without having to worry, even when it’s day four of camping.
whiz-freedomFirst up on the must-pack list is an item that will quickly become a favourite among women. Forget sitting down on that rather dubious looking toilet seat, missing the top billed act because you’re in the queue to use the ladies, and wondering whey the men are so much quicker at peeing. If you’re fed-up with festival portaloos, the Whiz Freedom is just what you’re looking for – you’ll be able to pee standing up with minimal hassle and it simply flicks dry so you can focus on getting to that next stage.
We recommend practicing using the Whiz Freedom at home first - not to get the technique (which is easy) but to build up confidence in using it. The first few times you do worry that you might miss and find pee running down your legs, but the Whiz is cleverly designed not to flow back, splash or spill. After that, you're free to just pee, peeps!
moocup-menstrual-cup-size-aWhen a planned festival trip happens to annoyingly coincide with your period, a Mooncup provides an easier solution that tampons and pads. The comfortable, reusable cup means you don’t have to worry about carrying anything extra around with you or head back to the tent when you realise you’ve run out, perfect for minimalist packing.
Period cups are easier to use than you might think, and we answer the most common questions about Mooncups here. Again, it's a good idea to give it a trial run at home, just so you know how to position the Mooncup securely and how to get it back out without spillage.
mr-fennis-the-transgender-stand-to-pee-device-in-handTrans men can take advantage of our must-have items too. Mr Fenis is perfect for helping you to feel comfortable when you need to enter the men's toilets. Much like Whiz Freedom, it makes peeing standing up easy with added design, so you don’t have to worry about standing out at all. Festivals are all about relaxing, enjoying the music, and meeting new people so, if using the communal toilets has got you worried this item will help ease your mind. You have the option to fold up your Mr Fenis or use it as a soft packer – whatever suits you.
Mr Fenis stand-to-pee devices are avaliable in-store and online, in four different shades, making it easier to match to your own skin tone.

Add a thrilling touch to your packing

Whether your heading to a festival with a partner or hoping to find a romantic connection while you’re there, be prepared for sparks to fly. The excitement of a festival can lead to plenty of thrills away from the stages too, especially if you’ve packed these items to push you over the edge and add a bit of kink to the fun.
crave-necalace-vibrator-rose-goldWhen packing light is important, you can still add a few carefully selected toys to your bag. Right at the top of the list is the Love Bullet Silver Lipstick Vibrator, perfect for when you’re sharing your sleeping bag or going it alone. It might pack in eight incredible throbbing patterns to play with but it’s quiet too, great for when you’re surrounded by other campers and want to keep your exploits secret. If you want to boost the orgasms, another alternative is the Crave Vesper Necklace Vibrator, doubling as stylish festival jewellery, you’ll barely want to leave the tent as you explore the four settings but the good news is that it’s easy to take with you and always have to hand!
If vibrations alone just aren’t cutting it, a festival is the perfect time to add a touch of BDSM to your sexual encounters. A whip that can be worn as a sexy, elegant necklace is sure to get a few pulses racing wherever you are. The metal chains of the Bijoux Indiscrets Necklace Whip is ideal for playing with control and sensations, whether you choose to caress or punish...

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